Spheres Within Spheres

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Spheres Within Spheres

Post#1 » Sat Jul 17, 2021 4:44 pm

The Tree Of Life model is most often presented in such a way so as to provide certain information although it speaks very little about its' exact and actual cosmic evolution.

In order to relay the actual cosmic evolution of this Tree Of Life a new diagram must be rendered. It is sometimes said that every sphere of the tree is contained in every other sphere, and while this is true there are very few graphical representations that elaborate on this concept.

The two most common models of the tree are the Lurianic(Isaac Luria), and the Gra(perfected tree) models with the former being the most common. There is a third however, that is a direct representation of its' universal evolution, that of spheres within spheres.

The onion metaphor works well to relay this concept. The primordial singularity(1(from zero(nothing; acausal))) would be the core of the onion, and the successive sephiroth become its' layers. The 10th emanation(which includes Earth), would then be the final layer, surface, or the skin of the onion.

All attributes of each individual sphere would then be contained in every other sphere, although the manner of such would be dependent upon which sphere is currently evolving as they would evolve in succession according to their number.

Cornelius Coburn; Nothing

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