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Enochian Observations

Post#1 » Wed Jan 23, 2008 12:33 pm

This topic is for random (or seemingly random) little observations we find regarding Enochian and its relation to other systems.


I recently received my copy of Robert Wang's "Qabalistic Tarot" and found a very interesting piece within which gives some very potent insight into a vital area of Enochian research:

"Pico inspired the work of Johannes Reuchlin, the first non-Jew ever to write on the Qabalah. His premise was that the history of mankind is based on three periods. In the first period God revealed himself to the Jewish patriarchs through the three-fold name [YDSh], Shaddai. The second period was that of Moses and the Talmud, when God appeared as the four-lettered name, [HVHY] (the Tetragrammaton). Finally, came the period of man's redemption through Christ, when God revealed himself as the five-lettered name [HVShHY], Jeheshua."

Robert Wang - "The Qabalistic Tarot", P. 24

As some of you might have guessed by now, the relation of the above passage (and the general idea suggested within it) to the Three-fold Holy Name of God (or Three Holy Names of God) is very striking. A 3 letter name, a 4 letter name, and a 5 letter name representing the Three Ages. This even ties in with the principle that more letters in an Enochian name generally means a "higher" intelligence, just as the five-letter name of Yeheshuah is seen to represent a more advanced age of mankind. This relationship here is, I believe, the entire basis of the Three-fold Name, and deserves much attention because of it, as these familiar Enochian names can now be seen to represent the distinct elemental (or alchemical) guise of the three main epochs of man.


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