Liber Mysteriorum (8 sancti) parallelus Novalisque Lesden

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Liber Mysteriorum (8 sancti) parallelus Novalisque Lesden

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Liber Mysteriorum (8 sancti) parallelus Novalisque Lesden May 28, 1583

My idea is to take a close look at what John Dee really wrote in his diaries.

In Liber Mysteriorum the following spirits were mentioned:

- Madimi
- Madimi's 6 sisters
- Efemeli as Madimi's eldest sister
- Murifri - he is the equal with the greatest angels. In the grounds of all the tables thou shalt finde his name. "I am of the Kalender, because thy Kalender is of God." He cures against infections.
- ATH - she is in the number of Gods Elect; in sigillo Emeth.
- A spirit who looked much like Michael (but wasn't him).
- Old man
- Young man
- Feeble man
- Clymer
- Galvah - she is also called Finis. She is the beam of that wisdom which is the end of man's excellency. Those also that are called Filiae and Filiae filiarum are all comprehended in her. True Wisdom is always painted with a woman's garment. God is judgement knoweth how Tritemius is rewarded.
- Il mocks Edwar Kelly. Il is a good angal.
- Jubanladace
- Gabriel

So, what do you think, what is the main point of this book?

How did you find this book beneficial?

What is your opinion about this book?
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