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My Enochian Book

Posted: Mon May 12, 2008 4:42 pm
by Frater Yechidah
I just thought I'd update this thread with some exciting news:

I'm going full steam ahead with my Enochian book. I've been intending to write one for some time, but have recently felt more "pushed" to do so (in truth, the Enochian Angels want the material "out there"). So, I'm basically taking this Primer, expanding it greatly, and adding a lot more to boot. It will include lots of diagrams, my down-to-earth way of explaining things, personal experiences of using the system, plenty of practical material from the basics to very advanced workings, and select quotations from Dee's diaries to support some of my claims.

The working title is:

Enochian Magick: The Teachings Of An Enochian Order

I'll post a sample list of chapters soon.