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Should I start Enochian.

Posted: Tue Mar 12, 2019 11:56 am
by Viidyut
Hello,first a little about me. The post is a bit long but please bear with me.

I've been practicing magick on and off for six years(don't exactly remember how long),and I must emphasize that I did not have any training regimes I followed,I stared with goetia,dabbled a little with joy of satan,but seriously started practicing after I came across NAP.I had good success with NAP,then discovered gallery of magick books,had success with them,but yeah,never really performed LBRP or any other ceremonial rituals.The only banishing I have is the sword banishing.

I came across enochian a year back,never gave it much thought,but after discovering enochian vision magick,I found strangely drawn to it.Now,this may be just my mind.But,I feel like I resonate with the system.The rest of the systems,I would read through them,thinking I'll perform it some day..but this,makes me want to start immediately.

I developed this yearning to make it a part of me,to achieve that synthesis,to understand it,digest the system,interact with it.Then I came across warning on this site,about how you need a stronger "vessel" to handle the currents of enochian system.But,simply postponing it is making me feel lost.

What should I do? Should I follow my heart and start it? I plan on using Duquette book for starting.

Thank you for your time