New Grimoires and techniques outlined in books like NAP, NIP, Frater Malak, etc.
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Hello Spiritual Aspirants

Peace Be Upon You

Special thanks go to Michael, Samael, Ant'Harratu and Phaleg. The tribe of Wangara has won 2021 inter-tribe Eid Al Fitr football gala. As I mentioned in my work with Bachtachot that someone ask me to help their tribe to win this year Eid Al Fitr football match. I used four entities; Michael, Samael, Ant'Harratu and Phaleg. Wangara top in the group stage, first they played against Grushi and it ended 1 nil against Grushi. I used Michael and Psalm 76. They played against Kantosi in the second match and it ended 1 : 1 draw. The reason why it ended draw is that the match is postpone due to rain and when the time comes for them to play, Samael power is not great enough to help but we still top the group. Wangara third match was played against Kusasi in the semi-final stage and Wangara won 2 : 1. This one I petitioned The Big Boss Ant'Harratu. The final match Was played against Bussanga and I petitioned Phaleg. The date change so I quickly redraw Phaleg and use Michael because of what happened at the time of Samael work. And Wangara won the trophy with penalties kicks.

Blessed Be,

Michael, Samael, Ant'Harratu and Phaleg.

>It Is Not I But Ant'Harratu<

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