New Grimoires and techniques outlined in books like NAP, NIP, Frater Malak, etc.
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Nitika thrown one stone and it killed three birds. Early this year January I contacted President Valac for money to pay filing cost at Dunkwa Magistrate Court and he provided more than what I requested, after receiving it and I look at the time for me to make payment I decided to use it to clear my electricity bills and other bills. When the time is due I couldn't raise the money to made payment so I decided to petition Gemory for football match prediction, purposely for football betting but Gemory know even if he help me I will not get money to stake it. During the night I had a dream, in the dream I was conjuring Nitika and when I wake up I understood that Gemory want me to contact Nitika. So I proceeded contacting Nitika for money, after my third day of contacting of him I was employed by a mining company I have applied for job and they didn't employ me because they didn't employ workers from my community, a friend learnt about my court case he decided to surprise me, he went to the court without informing me and inquired about my case and he paid it on my behalf and lastly I received money from another friend of mine. One thing I couldn't comprehend is that Gemory is money spirit but he directed me to another money spirit. Thanks Valac, Gemory and Nitika.

Blessed Be,

Valac, Gemory and Nitika.

> It Is Not I But Ant'Harratu <

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