Elubatel, The Almighty!

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Elubatel, The Almighty!

Post#1 » Wed Nov 11, 2020 7:32 pm

I decided to finally do an evocation of Elubatel. I think I worked with him once before in the pass but I don’t remember what happened, I can’t find anything in my notes. I’ve been mentally preparing to do the evocation all week. There are two pressing issues I need his assistance with.

This morning I decided to do it about 4:00 AM. I had gotten into a habit of just doing my rituals while laying in bed performing the LBRP in the astral plane and drawing the sigil in the astral to just do a mental plane evocation. A few minutes before the evocation I got an overwhelming urge to “get up” and do the rituals physically. I was “told” to pull out my old triangle that I hadn’t used in a while and told to get a piece of paper and draw the sigil in the high color like gold. I didn’t have a gold marker and yellow didn’t seem right so I chose purple. I drew the sigil and placed it in the middle of my triangle then I was told to ‘light a candle’. I lit a candle and placed it on the triangle also. I was being urged to do this with a sense of urgency. I laid back down and prepared myself for the evocation. I got the urge again to “get up, get up, get up!” Things got real intense. I performed LBRP with my dagger, feeling every movement. After that I began to summon Elubatel and when he came through -0MG! I haven’t had a spirit come through this strong since I evoked Haggith about a year ago. And she came through and held a conversation with me while I sat on my bed. I could hear her just as clearly as if she was physically in the room. I WAS NOT PREPARED!
“Make way for the King! Make way for the King!”
“The King is here! THE ALMIGHTY!
Elubatel is truly a powerful spirit. I felt every once of his omnipotence.
“Humble thyself before thy!”
I felt the presence of a great King, The Almighty! I was compelled to kneel down and bow my head. And I stayed on my knees with head bowed the whole time He was present.

I was chastized.
“Your first meeting of the King and this is how you welcome me?”
“I apologize, King.” “I was not prepared. I am truly sorry King, it will never happen again, King.” I should have done a formal evocation. I’m sorry for being so sloppy.”
All of my responses were like this. Humbled, apologetic and ending every response with King or Great King.
I felt the need to be formal with Him. Even when taking notes and doing this write up, I feel it’s only appropriate to capitalize His name or any reference to Him. Next time I will definitely have some offerings, burn some sandalwood and do a formal evocation. Heck, I might even roll out a red carpet. This is how He made me feel.

Next, we went on to discuss the two issues I summoned Him about.
He said, “ And what of your two wishes?”
I discussed the two issues (personal stuff) and asked for an answer. He didn’t give me an answer right away but it was sort of like you asking the King, The Almighty for a favor and he just kind of said, “We’ll see.”
I got the feeling He wanted to look more into it, to get more details and because it involves other people.

I thought of banishing but that is not what I felt I should do to a Great King so I just thanked Him and “asked, kindly” if it was alright for Him to leave because His energy was too strong, so powerful.
I was told to recite Psalms 23 so I did and my God I felt those words like never before. I felt as though He is with me throughout life every step of the way. Who? Jesus, God, Elubatel - somebody.
It took a while for his energy eventually leave the room. It’s slow and over powering.
Moments later, I laid down and began to contemplate the evocation and I was told to have an offering of sandalwood next time.
Later, I was shown all sorts of things that I don’t know if I should even go into here. I’m just not sure if Elubatel, The Almighty, was showing me these things or if this was a separate/different entity.
A little backstory/ history:
Over the past year or year and a half after I’ve done evocations and dismissed the spirit, later in meditation, I’ve been tempted by something unseen. It has shown me, in visions, material wealth as if saying’ all this can be yours’. Each time the visions have gotten more detailed. This time, the third or fourth time, I was shown a full vision and everything I would have to do to achieve ‘true material wealth’. It was as if the being was saying, “the things you seek, what most people ask Elubatel for, the better job, the promotion, the raise in pay are all bullshit small things. If you really want to achieve ’true material wealth and success’ you have to become one of us. Then I was shown all this Reptillian/ Lizard people stuff.

I’m a delivery driver and one of the neighborhoods I deliver to is full of extremely wealthy people. This neighborhood is filled with NFL players/NBA players, one guy with an International trading company, one guy with lucrative government contracts. All people who live in huge mansions and are sitting on millions of dollars. I was shown how all these people are Reptillians. In fact, just about all people in powerful positions are Reptillians. They all had the same glossy look in their eyes.
I was shown that If I want to achieve the level of success I seek with the ‘two wishes’ I would have to become one of them. I was shown how all this Reptillian stuff works on hierarchy. Once you join them you are ‘placed’ in your position on the hierarchy and all the ‘blessing’ will be given to you. I asked when does it end. The answer; there is no end. Once you become one of us it’s forever.

This brings up a bunch of questions I would like to discuss here:
1. Is any of this true or is this what this being wants me to believe is true? Is the only way to achieve true material wealth is to become one of them?
2. I thought this was all bloodline stuff. You’re either in the bloodline or not. Is it something you simply join? ( Not that I want to or ever will, just want to know if all this is lies.)
Questions about Elubatel:
1. Was it Elubatel showing me this or another being? (I don’t think it was Elubatel)
2. If it was Elubatel, is He Reptillian? I know about the Sumerian Gods connection and the Enlil connection. Is Elubatel really Enlil? That would make him Annunaki. Are the Annunaki reptilians?
The TRUTH only, no false beliefs!

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