NAP Invocation Chants and Exact Desire

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NAP Invocation Chants and Exact Desire

Post#1 » Mon Mar 05, 2018 11:32 am

Hi! I have a question about working with NAP and how do you use invocation chants.

Do you say it exactly same as it's given and say more focused desire after? Or change the chant from the names part?

For example:

"Hear me, AH-NAY-ELL & JAHZ-AIR, Thou spirits of Venus and love. I

desire to excite love and passion in the heart of a suitable

partner. Stretch forth Thine hands and pluck the heart strings such

that my desire is returned a hundredfold. I conjure this command

thus: HOR-TA-ELL-RACK-AH-MAY. So mote it be."

And then you say your wish?

Because I have tried this approach and had interest from many random girls when I was performing the spell (that kinda main part of invocation is about), but never did actually manifest the main wish that I would say after that.

Thank you for your inputs!

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