Two thumbs Way up for the Necronomicon Spellbook

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Two thumbs Way up for the Necronomicon Spellbook

Post#1 » Mon Jan 19, 2015 1:30 am

Now I'll be the first to admit the Necronomicon Spellbook is something that I'm rarely inclined to put to use or practice with. Most of the time with different situations I'm more likely to go with a Goetic demon, or New Avatar Power possibly.

I've only been keeping a magical journal since June 2011, so the first time that I believe that a spirit from the Necronomicon spellbook actually came through for me back in about 2009, I don't remember which spirit from the spellbook that I went with at that time.

What happened back around that time was that in 2008 for most of that year I drove a truck all around the U.S. and Canada as a job. I got sick of doing that really fast so I quit that job in about September of 2008. The problem I had was the job was considered a "contract" type of job, so it was considered by the truck company I drove for, and the guy who actually owned the trucks I drove as self employment.

So once I went to the unemployment office here in Michigan they had to get some additional information before I could be given unemployment for the job. On this occasion I didn't have any trouble with the unemployment office and they got things taken care of right away.

Since a major IRS office was in the same city I decided on the same day to fill out a form with the IRS (an SS-218 form) if I remember right. But anyway I did it so I could get the time I worked driving truck for that year changed from self-employment to regular employment. If I would have know all the trouble it would cause I wouldn't have done it.

I'll try to make this post as short as I can since I see it is getting pretty long: After assigning me a case manager the IRS agreed with me, but I had to pay back some of the taxes I would have had to pay if it would have been considered regular employment, and the truck owner I drove for was supposed to pay the IRS his share as well, but he didn't so the IRS mistakenly billed me his share at the time as well.

So after an annoying first trip to the IRS office where nothing got settled, before I went the 2nd time I called on one of the spirits from the Necronomicon S.B. the day before I went in, and as soon as I went into the IRS office the woman told me everything is taken care of, and it was just a mix-up and the truck owner will have to pay his share.

Now fast forward to 2013: The place I've been working at since 2010 usually gets really slow in December and January. Back in about 2012 in December at work it would be slow one week then work the next, and I accidently claimed the wrong week for my unemployment benefits.
They noticed it right away but it was already to late to stop the payment sent to my unemployment debit card. But I paid it back as soon as possible just to get it done and out of the way. Even though I paid it and had proof they kept sending me a billing notice in the mail every single month for almost a year, because it was a different department that handled repayments.
I called the main unemployment people every month when I kept getting the bill, and they kept saying: "don't worry about, we show that you're all paid up." Finally about a month ago (I did what I should have done about nine months ago)...and finally called my Congressmans office, and they had it taken care of in just two weeks- plus extra money sent back to me that I was over-billed for.

But now back to the Necronomicon Spellbook part again. This past year on two occasions I had tried two different jobs besides my primary job that I'm still at. I just tried the other jobs for a day in one case, and three days for the other; but I didn't like them so I stayed with my regular job.

The problem was, after only about one week after my Congressmans office got the other problem taken care of with the pricks at the unemployment office- and I tried to file my new unemployment claim for a few slow weeks in December 2014. They said "oh, because you quit those two jobs, we have to send you a questionaire first for you to fill out to explain why you quit the two jobs."
I was so pissed, even though I never even quit my main job I still had to wait for these fucking nit-picking bastards again to get my money.

Finally, after about two weeks, two trips to the main unemployment office, and no money from the weeks I claimed still, and no questionaire sent to me. It finally got busy again at work again at the beginning of this month (January). And right before I left for work one day at about 3:30 in the afternoon, I checked online and also phoned the unemployment debit card number, and it still showed no money sent through for the weeks I claimed.

When I got home from work that night I said Fuck it, I'm not even going to check to see if the money came through right now I'm so pissed. I thought back to the Necronomicon Spellbook but couldn't remember which spirit I had used years before when dealing with the IRS; but anyway this time I looked through the list of spirits names and decided to go with spirit #33, ZULUM.
I grabbed my two White candles that I have set aside for use with the spellbook, did the short ceremony, came inside called the debit card phone#, and the full amount the unemployment pricks owed me was on the card.

My very first thought was- "Ok, I'm Impressed." Back when the IRS thing happened, I thought at the time- well, maybe that was just a coincidence. But this time for that money to get sent through that late in the day, with no questionaire even ending up getting sent to me, I say no way that was no coincidence this time.

And the description of the spirit Zulum is definitely appropriate in this case, part of the description says: "Can protect your store against conmen or frauds. Invoke daily whenever involved in a particularly sticky or important business deal with people you don't particularly trust." And I definitely don't trust those low-life bastards at the unemployment agency.

Thanks Zulum, you took care of business even faster than the people at my congressional office.

And I know some people take a dim view of the Necronomicon spellbook, but like I mentioned in one of my posts from a long time ago when I was calling on a spirit from this spellbook, a different spirit I can't remember which one now. But it was actually daytime when I did it that time and while concentrating on the seal my entire field of vision went completely dark, and I felt a massive amount of energy present in the area.

So I guess if it works use it.

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