Coyote- a conversation

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Coyote- a conversation

Post#1 » Sat Mar 07, 2009 4:27 pm

I've been sitting here all day long, the windows and doors open, as I air the house out. It's 71 degrees currently, a slight breeze. I'm a bit buzzed at the moment. I've got a couple topical pain patches on my arm, but I've got a few other places with bad spots: a swollen left ankle, a left wrist with a bruise that was nasty last night on the inner side (now, it's only a quarter bad), overworked lower back, etc.

Incidentally, if I ever turn masochistic, anyone that's actually skilled in curses and banishings has my full authority to curse and/or banish masochistic feelings out of me. Anyone that isn't that tries will be met with failure. You can thank the elf kingdom for that between incarnation bestowing gift.

Anyway, I haven't had any pain meds since 8 or so last night because I've had to take quite a bit of extra strength excedrin and tramadol lately, so I'm buzzed between the pain and whatever's in the pain patches. I'll take something before I go to bed to help me sleep, but not right now.

So, I'm going about my day, something apparently about a prowler on truTV. I don't know. I have the mute on and the caption said prowler. And I get to thinking about Coyote, the trickster god. And I thought 'you know, he's of the american indian gods and they've got rituals for drugs and stuff for visions, as far as I understand the stuff; I know very little about it. I'm buzzed, tired, hot. Armed with what very little knowledge I have of those practices, I'm deciding I'm good to go.'

I pull up his wikipedia page and I see there's a bunch of stuff. Before I read his description, I see this orange-ish, semi-tranparent mass float ahead of me and off to my right, coming to my left. I read his description and when I get to the fur part, I see it turn into a partially human thing with orange fur. I forget I've got Seether's cover of WAM's Careless Whisper on yutube on and I got to turn it off, but coyote motions for me to stop. He says he likes it. I ask if he likes it better than the first one and he says yes.

So, I start it up again and find the brief screeching at the beginning hurtful to my ears just now, but whatever. I'm taking medicine after this and going to bed. Fuck uranus and above. Anyway, I look at the entry and we'll go from there.

Me: What do you think of Loki?
Him: Eh.
Me: What?
Him: Whatever.
Me: What' going on with you?
Him: If you go in for someone like him.
Me: What's wrong with him?
Him: You know the stories of him?
Me: Yeah.
Him: The full technicolor makes them unpleasant.
Me: Oh, well, forget him. So, why are there stoies of you ranging from good to evil?
Him: I'm multifaceted. You get bored as a god. You got bored with it. So did all the others that have incarnated on this planet.
Me: You chose a different path.
HIm: It's mine.

[Coyote turned fully solid]

Me: Why do you look like one of those furries that play dress up?
Him: I'm going to one of their conventions. I just haven't chosen which timestream yet.
Me: I called at a bad time.
Him: No, it's not about a bad time for me, it's about being a bad time for you.
Me: It's a bad time now for me to call you for my benefit?
Him: No.
Me: Hey, while you're there, can you snag me a pretzel if they got any? The soft sourdough kind.
Him: [he shrugged both shoulder] Yeah.
Me: Sweeeet.

[I fall back]

Me: My back.
Him: Did you want to stop?
Me: No, I'm experimenting. Being hunched over a laptop on your bed is no better than one on a desk. Anyway, do you like coyote stories that are sexualized?
Him: Not really. They're fine for an occassional flavoring, but that's it. Not all the damn time. Besides, a lot of people will focus on just the sex part and not the higher applications of it and I'm not talking sex magick either.
Me: Then, what?
Him: You'd have to give up your 'fuck uranus' attitude.
Me: No.
Him: Then, don't worry about it.
Me: So, if you could be any kind of tree what would you be?
Him: An oak.
Me: And what kind of food?
Him: Marshmellow.
Me: I'd like the smooth peanut butter. Do you see yourself as a hero?
Him: I am what my people need me to be.
Me: Would you sell your body for ppelts?
Him: You spelled it with two 'P's.
Me: I know.
Him: I'd trick people into giving me the pelts and they thought they'd cheat me.
Me: Ah ha. The hero is a thief.
Him: Would I be a thief, if I stole food for a starving family.
Me: [does facepalm] I've got a couple more questions.
Him: You've just got one.
Me: I'll get more. Do you want coyotes to overrun the world and become the dominate force on the planet, evolving a larger and more complex brain size and become tool users?
Him: No.
Me: You couldn't have stpped me before saying all that, could you?
Him: You seem like you really wanted to get it out.
Me: Do you have rhythme? That's the sign of guilty feet.
Him: I have rhythem and they're guilty.
Me: Touche, humbo. Are you capable of making California sail off into the Pacific?
Him: Why would you want to see that happen?
Me: I wanna see it. We could always put it back, of course.
Him: I can, but your country's already fucked up.
Me: Okay. Last question.
Him: Fire away.
Me: Can I have some pain pills now?
Him: Go on.
Me: With peanut butter.
Him: Okay.
Me: And cheese.
Him: Okay.
Me: And it's gotta be creamy peanut butter. I don't wanna crunch anything.
Him: Okay.

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