Evocation of Mepsitahl

The Evocation and Invocation of Angelic and Planetary Spirits.

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Evocation of Mepsitahl

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All though I said I was going to write this early I had to prepare for finals and write those final papers.

Anyways the ritual is a bit different from what most of you are used to it is a pagan ritual that was devised with the purpose to summon and communicate with the dead. To most easily describe it giant circle constructed where in the summoner(s) are. Gods are called along with any elements that wish to protect the summoner(s). Guides can also be used too if they are willing to be put in situation where they might need to help protect you. Then you close the circle (not in the wiccan sense) and make the space in it the working space while the outside is left alone. You then have to open a gate often done with a blood sacrifice by doing so you can establish to any realm you wish. In my summoning of Mepsitahl me and the person that I was working with bleed on the the Neptune symbol in order to establish the gateway there. You can now summon the entity you wish to communicate with and after you are finished burn the seal with the blood on it to seal the gate. Of course you banish afterwards with any method you choose and if you are going to try this ritual do it with a neutral entity not a demon I can only imagine the horror of someone summoning one right next to them.

Ok now the interesting part,
We had just summoned Mepsitahl by the method just spoken above. Her presence was rather interesting to say the least. Although there was pressure it wasn't oppressive or uplifting it was just there. She was relatively easy to approach and in my minds eye which usually doesn't get a clear picture I could see her. She appeared rather young late 20's wearing a greenish-blue dress although she was trying to talk to me my clairvoyance and audience are rather undeveloped. My abilities are more developed in sensing energy and that intuition thing(which is a pain since I don't trust my first option until the hindsight shows that it was right). Anyways we had to use automatic writing in which my friend is rather talented in, she said she was honored that we had choose her out of all the other available spirits. The she asked what we wanted since my friend was more or less helping me and not interested in gaining anything I told her that I wished to gain the ability of second sight and hearing. Now it seems she cannot instantly grant it somehow other dimensional spirits like that have less influence over the human dimension than say angels or demons. My knowledge is limited on the subject but my guess is that that these spirits aren't in contact with humans as much since they are not intertwined with this realm constantly. Although the deal that was reached is spirit-human confidentiality I can tell you that after she finishes her side of the deal and I finished mine the deal is terminated and we can go I separate ways. Mind you if you ever make a deal with a spirit have them sign with their seal which makes it binding on their part. We then closed the portal after our contact was over and of course banished the house.

Anyways that was my summoning of Mepsitahl


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