A dark moon Saturn talisman election

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A dark moon Saturn talisman election

Post#1 » Thu Apr 08, 2021 2:24 pm

This election is for Saturn dignified in Aquarius and a dark (or eld of) the Moon. The traditional lore suggests a waning moon is beneficial for such things as invisibility, for reducing the influence of a thing, for malefic magic, or – if we think of the moon as old instead of waning – good for prolonging the effect of things or for long life.

The time is 0412 (4.12AM) on 11 April 2021. The place is London, UK. Saturn is rising in Aquarius and makes an applying trine to the Moon. The Moon is dark and Saturn hour is between 0330 and 0443.

You will have to rectify the election for your location.


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