7th Lunar Mansion election

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7th Lunar Mansion election

Post#1 » Tue Dec 22, 2020 1:43 pm

The 7th Lunar Mansion, al-Dhira, is associated with luck, success in business and for the fulfillment of all earthly desires.

The election is set for London, UK on Monday 28 December 2020. The time is 23:03 (11:03PM). You will need to rectify the election for your location. The Moon is waxing and culminating in the Mansion of al-Dhira. She makes no harsh aspects to planets and makes an applying trine to a dignified Mars.

The image associated with this mansion is a robed man holding up his hands to heaven as if praying, the perfume is any sweet incense, and the spirit of the Mansion is Siely, Selehe or Scheliel, depending on whether your prefer the Picatrix or Agrippa. You would create the image at the elected time on silver, inscribe the name of the spirit on the chest of the figure, and suffumigate it with a sweet incense while you conjure the spirit.

This mansion has gained some degree of notoriety in Hermetic circles since Franz Bardon in his Practice of Magical Evocation suggests that a seal be made of the 7th Head of the Moon, Emrudue, in silver for the fulfillment of all earthly desires:

“Emrudue – If a person not initiated into magic wears the seal of the seventh head of the Moon sphere, manufactured during the astrological period of the seventh moon station and engraved on a silver plate, he or she will have good luck and success, and, above all, have any earthly desire fulfilled. The trained magician, having got into contact with this head, will be taught how to realize all his wishes by force of moon magic, no matter whether they concern the mental, astral or physical world. Emrudue brings the magician good luck and success and likes to put his subordinates as familiar spirits at the latter’s disposal.” – Franz Bardon, The Practice of Magical Evocation

Of course, the creation of a functional talisman of the 7th Head of the Moon Sphere would require some degree of contact with this Head in Bardon’s system, but it is interesting to note that the sigil of Emrudue bears a symbolic resemblance to a man with arms held aloft to the heavens.

If you use the election, I would be interested in hearing your experiences.



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