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Attuning with saturnian energy

Posted: Mon Mar 30, 2020 6:36 am
by francov

these days in my inner work I'm dealing with saturnian energies. I must increase all the positive attitudes connected with saturnian energy but actually I have no experience in planetary magic. Most of the authors suggests not to work with this energy. However saturnian energy can be very helpful in certain endeavours wherein the magician needs needs solitude, rigor, spirit of sacrifice, etc.

Thus, I am wondering how to proceed.
My background suggests me a mixture of candle magic, mental travelling to the saturnian sphere (bardon's style), and invocation of the proper angel/intelligence. I was thinking about Arathron.

My goal is most of all to increase the saturnian vibration within myself avoiding any negative feature.

Any advice is wellcome and appreciated.