Mercury symbolism: musings and artwork

The Evocation and Invocation of Angelic and Planetary Spirits.
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Mercury symbolism: musings and artwork

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Mercury symbolism

This is something that caught my attention explaining the Mercury energies and the symbolism of Mercury.

The traditional anchor-with-rope tattoo of sailors seems to be an exoteric version of the caduceus wand. The popular tattoo design became a hallmark since 1900.
Both the coiled (snake/rope) form are there, the central shaft, the circle on top and the horizontal bar (wings).

The anchor has the added value of a crescent moon (Tattvic symbol as well) at the base, Lunar influences – Feminine – Water, while at the same time having the arrow shape, Martial – male, which also refers to the ambiguity of Mercury,

On the wand, the wings are on top, on the anchor , the crescent is below, like some sort of inversion took place. This is interesting as the inversion also relates to the Mercury energies – an anchor is a symbol of stability, while Mercury is about swiftness and movement.

The double cube altar symbol is a reference to the “As Above So Below” but also inscribes the 8, “squaring the circles” of the 8. Mastery of Matter comes to mind.
The “8” , as it is the number connected with Hod and Mercury in the Tree of Life, is a double snake and a double circle in itself, and an eternity symbol at that.

The Pythagoreans considered it the “little holy number”. It shows flow, expansion .
Anyone with a business knows how important flow is, and that “letting your money roll” in a balanced way keeps the flow going.
Concerning the “eternity” notion, this would link it to the ebb and flow of cycles in time, also making it related to Saturn , and complimentary to Saturn's stasis and contraction.

I poured all of the above in the image here – it could be an altar piece for a Mercury working where you want to balance Mercurial energies. Enjoy ;)
Mercury 88 20184.jpg
Caduceus and anchor.jpg
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