Sun in Leo talisman elections

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Sun in Leo talisman elections

Post#1 » Sun Jul 08, 2018 11:29 am

For London, UK times are as follows (you will have to rectify for your location):

- 5:47am on Sunday 12 August 2018.
- 5:58am on Sunday 19 August 2018.

Sun is dignified by domicile in Leo and is conjunct the ascendant. It's the day and hour of the Sun - the hour starts just as the Sun rises so your drawing/inscribing/etc will have to start then and be completed within about 10 minutes, although you can continue any consecrations for the rest of the Sun hour. The Moon is waxing and peregrine but otherwise unafflicted.

Agrippa says:

The fourth table is of the Sun, and is made of a square of six, and contains thirty six numbers, whereof six in every side, and Diameter, produce 111, and the sum of all is 666. There are over it divine names with an Intelligency to what is good, with spirit to what is evil, and out of it is drawn Characters of the Sun, and the spirits thereof. This being engraven on a Golden plate with the Sun being fortunate, renders him that wears it to be renowned, amiable, acceptable, potent in all his works, and equals a man to Kings, and Princes, elevating him to high fortunes, inabling to do whatsoever he pleaseth

The Sun is generally good for wealth, friendship, success, health, promotions and freedom from melancholy. Lot of cool images in the Picatrix, but you are free to create your own and consecrate as you wish.


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