13th Lunar Mansion Election for Love and Sex

The Evocation and Invocation of Angelic and Planetary Spirits.

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13th Lunar Mansion Election for Love and Sex

Post#1 » Mon Apr 23, 2018 2:37 pm

Also good for undoing tied natures (as it's called in hoodoo), removing frigidity and impotence (likely of the mental not the mechanical kind) and other good stuff.

First election is for 25 April at 2:52PM and is set for London UK. The Moon is waxing and rising in al Awwa and makes an applying sextile aspect to the benefic Jupiter, and more importantly does not make any harsh aspects to other planets.

Second election is for 25 April at 9:46PM GMT for London, UK. Moon is waxing and she is rising in al Awwa. We have the added benefit here that as it is night, the Moon is dignified by triplicity. She makes an applying sextile to Jupiter and makes no unhelpful aspects to other planets.

Hopefully it should be pretty clear by now how to redo these for your location (Moon on Ascendant or Midheaven, no harsh aspects to Moon etc). If you get stuck, PM me. I'm happy to redo them for your location in return for some feedback as to how it went.

The name of the Mansion is al Awwa, the Lord of the Mansion is Azerut (Picatrix) or Jazeriel (Agrippa).

The Picatrix has a specific ritual and incense which I detail here but there's no reason you shouldn't be able to use another tradition or method as long as the images and material are consonant with the nature of the operation and the Mansion Lord is invoked.


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