On Invoking Kamael

The Evocation and Invocation of Angelic and Planetary Spirits.

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On Invoking Kamael

Post#1 » Fri Dec 29, 2017 1:21 am

This took place on Tuesday, December 5th (as of the time/day of making the thread), but I got distracted by work and haven't gotten around to finishing it until now. (It's long. I'm sorry. It may look like word vomit.)

Cutting straight to the point, Kamael is my HGA. However, I decided to invoke him for several reasons. The first was because I needed help with a certain event in my life (It's rather personal and I don't feel comfortable talking about it in detail) and I was struggling with overcoming it on my own on an emotional level. The second reason was because I thought invoking him would strengthen our bond. The third was because I wanted to know if Kamael was also Samael. I had read a thread on this site discussing the difference between Kamael and Samael (which was just titled "Camael or Samael") and one of the responses was this:

"Evoke both and see who appears before you, then ask..."

So I thought I would (only, y'know, invoking).

Instead of relying on a book this time, I decided to use an invocation online. The reason for this was because I wanted to experiment what works better: invocations that were pages long, or a few short sentences. The invocation was as follows: “By the name of God the Almighty, Elohim Ghibor, I call you, fair and just Samael, to help me is this times, as I need courage, justice and protection, Here and Now. Amen!”. I replaced the name “Samael” with the name “Kamael”. I feel very uneasy saying or writing the name “Samael”; if names really do have power, this is a name with a lot of it. Sometimes, when I say or write it (or even think it), it feels like I’m playing with a loaded gun.

It only partially worked when I used the name “Kamael”. I heard his voice tell me to try again, but this time with the name “Samael”. When I said it, an immense amount of energy filled the room and flowed through me. It startled me so much, that I froze and felt I had to start the incantation over again. Upon finishing, I was bombarded with visions of a being covered in red and black energy. He had six red wings, which were covered in eyes. The upper pair covered his face, though at first I thought they were horns. The air around me felt intense. I was so surprised that I was at a loss of words, but he didn’t rush me to ask my question. He told me I didn’t have to invoke him, since he’s my HGA. But he said he applauded my initiative.

I asked him for help in my personal endeavor. Kamael merely responded with "Of course". It was strange; it seemed like every time he spoke, I could "see" brief images of him reacting. Anyway, I then asked my question regarding if he and Samael were the same person. He responded with "Yes. It is a name that earlier humans had given me. They were distraught by the deeds I had done in the Creator's name, and so gave me that name. Some even chose to believe that I was a demon, and not an angel. It does not hurt though. I have welcomed the name." I asked if he had a preference, and he said no.

Afterwards, we sort of just sat together in silence. During this, red "orbs" sometimes danced around my vision. I felt a strong vibration on the outside of my left arm where he sat next to me and on my left palm. When I looked at my arm, I noticed a red aura around it, almost as if his aura was bleeding into my own. In the end, I said thank you and went to bed. I've felt a renewed sense of awe and fear in Kamael since then.

So as mentioned before, he said I didn't have to invoke him, but I didn't feel that it was a waste. I've actually learned a few things:

- Certain invocations work better if you don't switch out names.
- Kamael and Samael are the same; either name is fine by him.
- I've felt Geburah/Mars since then; I think that's the path I was meant to work on.

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