Venus in Libra elections

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Venus in Libra elections

Post#1 » Wed Sep 27, 2017 6:34 am

The times are set for London, UK. Venus is dignified by domicile and thus very strong.

1. 16 October, 5.33am. Venus is rising, it's Venus hour. Moon is in triplicity but in waning phase.
2. 23 October, 5.55am. Venus is rising, it's Venus hour. Moon is peregrine but makes an applying sextile to Venus. Moon is also waxing here.
3. 30 October, 5.17am. Venus is rising, it's Venus hour. Moon is in triplicity, waxing, and makes an applying trine to benefic Jupiter.

Good for Venus talismans, all Venus things like love, luxury, etc.

I will put up the charts on my website later. They shouldn't be too hard to modify for your location. Just draw up a chart for your location at that time and aim to get Venus on the ascendant, then check it's Venus hour.


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