Mansions of the Moon

The Evocation and Invocation of Angelic and Planetary Spirits.
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Mansions of the Moon

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TheDude wrote:Can you explain more about the mansions of the moon and what the benefits are? Also when do you know where the mansions are in the sky/dates ect?

The Mansions of the Moon is a subject that has barely been touched by contemporary occultists.
In brief, the Mansions of the Moon is a lunar zodiac consisting of 28 houses, each 22 degrees and 51 minutes of arc. It has roots in Arabic, Chinese, and Vedic astrology. The Mansions of the Moon are based on the constellations and stars and as the Moon travels through each Mansion her influence upon the earth is changed. The Moon takes roughly 22 hours to go through each Mansion (sometimes more sometimes less) and completes the cycle a hair less than every 28 days.

The Picatrix and Agrippa both list the Mansions as a basis to make astrological talismans for various purposes. Here are a couple of links for Agrippa's treatment for the Mansions.
Book 2, Chapter 33 (scroll down)
Book 2, Chapter 46
The images in the Picatrix are slightly different than those in Agrippa.

The Picatrix also lists spirit names associated with each Mansion. I listed those here: ... 81#p160581

The images of the talismans and the spirits of the mansions are both areas that can stand further work and experimentation. Let's talk more about them.

To find which Mansion the Moon is in at any time you can check the zodiac here:
Meegius, Betzahuach, Vacdez, Nufeneguidez

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