SA Team Work - 72 Reports on Shem angels evocations

The Evocation and Invocation of Angelic and Planetary Spirits.
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SA Team Work - 72 Reports on Shem angels evocations

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So, this thread is about 72 reports as an appendix of the SA team work, the link:


I start with this draft version of the first five days of our magical group project which is about to last one year from now.

Those first five days are not over, but I hope the draft is useful. Please, do advice me if I omitted something or wrote something wrong.

1st Five Days

29 September – 3 October 2015

38. Haamiah

Participants: Toothache, Astar Mundi, Taban, Loagaeth and Talerman


- Prayers, purifying bath of sea salt and essential oils, sigils, talismans, conjuration, evocation of Raziel, reading books, studying related materials;
- Announce your intention to evoke Haamiah to your main spiritual guides, so that they know what you are up to.
- Make sure you look presentable; advice is to wear white or pastel colors. If you like, you may put your “luscious locks of long hair up in a turban and headband” (an idea from Abramelin).


- Brand's ritual structure for most of it is advisable.
- Talisman: Shemhamforash talisman from Brand's book. Face it towards the East. You can make this talisman by yourself. You may print them off and handwrite each god name yourself.
- Sigils: Haamiah's sigil from Brand's book. Place it left to the Shemhamforash talisman. As an option, you may use Haamiah's sigil from Franz Bardon's book. You may place this sigil left to the one from Brand's book. Both Bardon's and Brand's sigils of Haamiah work equally well; together or separately, they should give results. You may use your laptop for the Angel's seal, however it should be preferred using as little electronic equipment as possible.
- Water - Chalice: Haamiah’s affinity is water.You may use your magical chalice and filled it with fresh water as an offering to Haamiah.
- Fire: Use incense and candles. Do not put too much fire or be too eager to evoke Haamiah. A more relaxed approach to him is advisable.
- Triangle – It is not necessary to draw it literary, but by your magical arrangements, it should be clear where it is. Put all of the talismans and sigils towards the east. You may place it near the window. Consider to place triangle close to the white wall as it is there that you may see the spirits more easily. You may dedicate one place in your flat for all of your future Shem angels evocations.
- Altar - Make a special altar and dedicate it to the Shem angels.
- Circle – it does not need to be drawn literary, but it should be obvious where it is.
- Other magical tools: If you have a crystal ball, you may decide you want to make into your shewstone. You may also use Magical orb. You may use your Pendulum, asking Haamiah to show you his sigil.
- Protection: Martial talismans and a sword nearby in the case of an unwelcome guest’s arrival are good options.


- Follow the instructions from Brand's book.
- Additionally, you may evoke Haamiah in the name of IHVH, Elion and Agla (it is because Elion and Agla are two god's names used for number 38 in two different sources);
- In your conjuration you may also mention all people who are doing this group work: wishing luck to all.
- You may also pray before your personal deity and/or humble yourself before Him. An example of a simple prayer:

"Dearest God, I am sorry for being imperfect, I am sorry for being unwise, I am sorry for my failures, I deeply regret being unable to uphold my own highest virtues in this present condition and seek to redress my weakness always, I repent, and go forward, with each moment striving upwards for your light, wisdom and guidance as to the righteous path, God, guide me always and steer me always from wrong doing, I will continue to meditate upon your grace ever."


- Haamiah may first appear in your triangle in his etheric shape. He may not have at first recognizable impressions of his face, but it should be possible to observe his aura. His appearance may be followed by fresh breeze of air. Doors can be heard opening or closing. He looks androgen. He is extremely handsome. He has appearance of a young man. Alternatively after a few minutes, you may notice something strange happening with the incense and the shewstone. It may seem totally mesmerizing and hypnotic and then it is that you should be sure that he is there. He has this deep, still feeling to him. Incense and smoke may move towards you here and there, and towards different parts of yourself (heart, stomach, head, etc.). With his appearance, with his appearance, triangle and crystal ball may illuminate bright silvery color plus some bright green color in the crystal ball. You may have this rush of overwhelming feeling that make you cry. Ask him about wisdom, happiness and all his virtue. You may feel some very sensational feeling on top of your head (crown chakra).

Haamiah's sphere

The magician may choose not to use any elemental paraphenalia as the Angels have stated that he elemental sphere is far beneath them. Yet, there seem to be many fairies in his region. There are lot of children playing with balls and different games. Beautiful nature, ancient buildings, etc. He spends time with his best students reciting psalms and singing.

His approach to the magician:
- He is very direct and clear about if he is willing to help or not. If the magician already has some other spirits engaged in helping him or her in some fields, Haamiah will decline to help. However, as a true messenger, he is willing to mediate on the magician’s behalf it is necessary. For example, he can bring, on our behalf, our offering to other spirits and ask them to hurry up helping us in certain matters. If he wants to help the magician, he will say it clearly and show that he is happy about it. He is also willing to help one develop himself or herself during all proceeding rites. He is willing to listen to your life stories and give suggestions.

Wisdom as Haamiah’s main faculty:

- Haamiah is first of all a master of "wisdom". You may ask him for help to make you a wise person. He can be your teacher and guardian of wisdom to you and your family. During evocation he may fill the magician with wisdom, through smoke, which may mean that at that moment smoke was an aspect of him and his power.
- He may decline to help, if he finds out that the magician is already wise enough and/or is an old spirit. So, he told one magician: "Now you are very old, I can only guide children and young ones to wisdom. The spirit of that immaturity has left you now a mellow old man, even as your smooth features would say otherwise. I cannot help a celibate Wise one who potters in the garden and lives so easily, with only grief and memories to trouble him."

Other faculties:

- Haamiah is also an angel of integrity. He explains that it is because wisdom and integrity go together. One cannot imagine one without another.
- He is also a guardian of religious people, because sincere and true believers are close to his heart. But he does not like "enthusiasts". Those whom we call “fanatics, dogmatic and extremists” don't have his support.
- His faculties are also related to bring "happiness", “optimism” and “luck” in the magician’s life.

After evocation:

- He may ask the magician to call upon him again. In this case, repeat the rituals. The magician may choose to bring an object/talisman and ask the spirit to charge it for a specific purpose. Get an object and ask all of the 72 angels to charge it with overall "power", either to have a holy object to use as protection or possibly a link to God. It will take a year to complete. Since Brand says it's wise to give something in response to gaining something from the evocation, you may decide it would be appropriate to give the rest of the positive energy from your ritual to other people. It's raining but nice in Shanghai which is great after hot summer. It's been so hot up until now in Ohia, but now it's finally beginning to cool down. It's a grey, windy day, which is just perfect for the first days of October.
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