Attracting happiness with Moon

The Evocation and Invocation of Angelic and Planetary Spirits.
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Attracting happiness with Moon

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Dear friends

It is extremely important that we are happy. If we are not happy, then it is a serious problem. We can be very successful in some fields, but if we are not happy, it is useless. Everything seems to be useless if we are not happy.

But luckily, there is the Moon which can make us happy.

And this is my small contribution, so that we become happy.

This is about the 3rd lunar mansion and its spirits who make us happy.

Off course, this is also about some obstacles in this regard...

I sincerely hope this help.

3 Genius – Ezhesekis

Arabian name: Anuncia or Amixiel
Western tradition: Anixiel

Ezhesekis is the head of the 3rd Mansion – Alchaomazon or Athoray (Pleiades) – House of Happiness - 25°42’51” Aries - 8°34'17" Taurus

Ezhesekis’ pentacle, according to Picatrix and Western tradition, should be made like a statue of a woman sitting in the chair. The magician may alternatively inscribe her in his silver ring sitting in the chair with her right hand lifted up above her head. The figure should be perfumed with camphor and mask and calamus aromaticus. It is used to give happy fortune and every good thing.

Evocation: Ezhesekis is very active in the physical world. If correctly evoked, he may even appear in his physical appearance. The best way to connect him is to be in the nature and contemplate under the moonlight, especially by the sea, river or lake. Ezhesekis explained to me that it is easiest to attract etheric energies from the Moon which bring happiness by the sense of smell. He showed me that a statue of an elephant may also serve as a great pentacle for attracting happiness.

Emtircheyud’s tasks to the magician and possible obstacles from his counter-genius:

1. Happiness in all earthly matters: Emtircheyud teaches the magician to open up his imagination, enjoy it and make use of such immense treasure for his own earthly happiness. In Vedic astronomy, the Moon is the key to calculation if one is having a happy life or not. The Moon was to the ancient Indians a symbol for home, mother and peaceful mind.

- Ezhesekis’ counter-genius makes the magician unaware of his own happiness and luck. If controlled by this demon, the magician might take his happiness as something granted and even compare himself with others concluding that other people are happier than him.

2. Attracting energies from Akasha that bring happiness on earthly matters like: good luck at journey, peaceful home, happy family, good harvest and good cooking skills. The magician should learn how to secure for himself happiness in the Akasha principle and manifest it in his life.

- Ezhesekis’ counter-genius makes the magician bored with normal life and this world’s happiness.

3. Ezhesekis’ region is one of the most pleasant and beautiful parts of the Moon. It is in balance with the Middle Pillar of the Tree of Life, so it is full of happiness which is stable, balanced and firm. The magician may also see Ezhesekis in the etheric fields of the Earth, where he likes to roam together with his subordinate spirits.

Ezhesekis’ counter-genius: His region is also pleasant and beautiful by its appearance, but it provokes exaggerations in hedonistic activities and has an element of sexual degeneration. Sexual deviations of all kinds prevail on this sphere.

4. Ezhesekis’ subordinate spirits bring happiness in the magician’s every-day activities. Their ideal is to see the magician in a state of eternal happiness and satisfaction. After the first evocation of Ezhesekis, the magician should be able to spot them clearly by the fields, fountains, ports, harbors, spas, rivers, roads, brooks and wells.

- Counter-genius servants: Like most of the other lunar demons, they also like to visit the Earth where they connect with the people of their own kind. They have many ways to make the magician lose control over his life. Their specialty is to bring degenerate sexual desires. In their own region, they enjoy torturing their victims during sexual acts and their sexual orgies end up often in violence. They have many ways to influence people to behave the same.

5. Ezhesekis and Nine of Cups: It is one of the most favorable cards in tarot, representing Yesod in Briah. This card is about the most pleasurable, complete and beneficial aspect of the water element. The beautiful creation is already in Yesod and now it is just about the time for it to manifest on the Earth (which is Ten of Cups of Malkuth). It is in balance with the Middle Pillar of the Tree of Life, so it brings happiness which is stable, balanced and firm.

Ezhesekis’ counter-genius and inverted Nine of Cups: If reversed, Nine of Cups represents the archdemonic sphere of the lunar hell, which cabalistic term is qlippa of Briah of Yesod.

Ezhesekis’ practical advice about the 3rd House:

1. Ezhesekis calls it the House of Happiness.
2. Everything is all right, so it is time to relax and enjoy.
3. It is good time to see friends, hike, have picnic, hunt or play with domestic animals.

Ezhesekis’ counter-genius:

1. He turns the House of Happiness into the House of Exaggerations.
2. He makes it difficult to people to just relax and enjoy life.
3. Many happy homes are ruined by this contra-genius and his servants since they push people towards exaggeration, fornication, immorality, vices and narcotics. Under the influence of this contra-genius, the magician’s happiness is likely to become his curse. The magician should stop tendencies of exaggerations as soon as he starts noticing that they are being overtaken by some lunar negative forces. The mature magician can easily recognize the situations when social gathering might start showing its ugly sides. He should then immediately evoke the true Ezhesekis to prevent unhappy events caused by exaggerations. The magician who has a good contact with Ezhesekis will have many opportunities to enjoy his life without fear of experiencing its side-effects.
Enigma et Paradigma

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