An Experiment With Sol

The Evocation and Invocation of Angelic and Planetary Spirits.
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An Experiment With Sol

Post#1 » Sat Mar 23, 2024 2:43 am

Recent discussions about planetary timing made me take a look for dates according to Warnock's PMP, and according to his software the next most auspicious time for the sun will be in a 15 minute window starting precisely 1 hour before sunrise this Sunday. The next such time wont be until 2027.

Unfortunately I don't have anything ready to work on like my lion skin belt, because that might be the perfect sort of thing lol. But seeing how the question that comes up sometimes seems to be timing vs no timing, the fact that there is virtually no time to prepare anything might be perfect. The effect of the talisman or experiment will rely entirely on the timing itself, and not on the preparations. And might be able to be better compared at a later date to a repeated experiment following no timing considerations but more preparation.

If anyone has any suggestions please offer them, I'm all ears. I'd like to figure something out that would be centered around manifesting a measurable outcome, so it could be more easily repeated and the timing put to the test. And if anyone else would like to join this experiment you're welcome to. Even though it's unlikely anyone who would will even see this before the deadline. This could always be something repeated in the future as a group experiment if people were interested.

Since I don't feel like unexpectedly travelling very far away or turning invisible, I'm leaning toward the Third Pentacle, I'm just unsure of a target. Maybe something other than GKoS, some other Solar talisman that's money related. Trying to produce a very specific amount of money out of nowhere is measurable.

Ex Mea Sententia.

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