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Evocation magick Encyclopaedia - Spirits

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The Index will be appearing on the first page from now on.

The last update is from 16 May 2016, but after that we have also had a few more entries.

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Asmodeus is listed here

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Gulan viewtopic.php?f=23&t=9857&start=130

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This thread is my wish to contribute a bit more to this great forum. I am going to write about all of the spirits who have been so far mentioned in this forum in a form of an Encyclopaedia. The only source I am going to use is from this forum. I hope that this will be very helpful for magicians, no matter how far they are off in their great work. It is something like systematization of all of our experiences since the beginning of this forum. It will not go from alphabetical, but rather from a random order.

I will start with Asmodeus

How does he look like?

There are several famous statues of Asmodeus, like one in Rennes le Château and the other in the Church of Santa Lucia, di Piave,Veneto. Well one could always practice on him before evoking the real terrible thing, at least the ugly factor of a demon will not be a problem after that.

Who is he?

Travel to any part of the world where they believe in djinn and ask them to help you contact the djinn “Ashmoday”, and you’ll soon find yourself face-to-face with Asmodeus/Asmoday, the Goetic spirit. In this way we find that through history, definition, legend and methodology djinn and goetic spirits are the same. It is better off working with Asmodeus in a traditional manner.
Ashmoday seems to be a good trader ( he lends the rings to Baal who in return lends it to the magician). But sometimes, he is also fond of stealing. In an old reference to pact making, it was written that Asmodeus stole the pact from Lucifer’s library cabinet.
Asmoday can make things to disappear. There was a case of Don Clefas when Asmoday took him for a night flight and by magical means, removed “the roofs from the houses of a village to show him the secrets of what passes in private lives.” The terrorists are also easy to find with their astral signature by Asmodeus.

Some magicans call Asmodeus and answers just pop into their head. Other people choose Asmodeus as their tattoo on their shoulders. They have a fascination for Asmodeus, but still they don’t believe him to be real. If they can’t see it, it isn’t real – this is what they say. Asmodeus is, however, definitely very real to other magicians. They count Asmodeus together with Lucifer and Lucifuge Rofocale to a friend and patron. Others are close to and friendly with Asmodeus together with Belial, Baal, Sitri, and Gremory.

Some magicians use ritual to summon Asmodeus from the book, 'Demonic and sexual magic' by C. Nagel. One of them was looking south, watching the sun reflecting off the surface of a flat-calm North Sea while evoking Asmodeus. There was no wind, yet he was suddenly aware of something seeming to rush toward him from a southerly direction. As it reached him, a flock of sparrows flew up and away as though they'd been startled by something unseen.

Asmodeus is no joke when you want to dish out wrath. He has a lustful nature. When it comes to sex spells, the Asmodeus Spell is suggested as the one to use. This is pure Black Magic and it works.

Asmodeus approves homosexuality together with Pan, Larz, Belial, Sitri, Bacchus, Set and Wepwawet. Asmodeus creates hornyness which the subject can’t release in a relationship. So the subject will try to get a release by other means (cheating, in a relationship).Don't think for a moment that you can dial Asmodeus up and tell him to pile riches at your feet, because he'll probably turn you into a pimp, drug dealer, drug mule, whore, etc. He, like us, is going to stick to what he knows. That doesn't mean that He's a bad spirit. It means that you did something stupid and picked the wrong spirit for the job.

Contributors and authors: Cardinal Pugwash, PapaLegOrobas, Arckangel, Tobias Wanderer, BrotherButterball, Avathar behemoth, Magick42, Rea, ConjureMan, Magus 11, Wanderer, Km360, Vovin, wizardscauldron, PapaRomeo, and Andros
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