I had a lucid Dream, and a Demon was there

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I had a lucid Dream, and a Demon was there

Post#1 » Wed Jun 26, 2019 11:58 am

Hi everybody, i want to share a Dream i had last night, im a lucid dreamer, so i always know when i'm dreaming or not, and i can pretty much control Any aspect of my dreams.

In my Dream, i was walking un a Giant manssion, searching for someone i can't remember. The rooms and the corridors seemed to rearange and change of place, so it was pretty hard for me to find my way. Eventualy, i found (or he found me) an old man with Milky eyes that Made me felt unease. He walked with a staff, and was tall, really tall, maybe 2.20m (7.3 fts), but was hunched and if fully erected he could easily reach 3m of height. He grabbed me with his hands, and that was the moment i realized i was in a Dream. Despiste that, i couldnt control my Dream at all (never happened before). I started to fight to get released, and he started to chant in a strange way, and Made me feel weak and tired. He then released me, and i felt like i was more powerful than before, being able to move things drawing strange runes in the air and concentrating in doing so. Then i realised that "shadows" started to come and go on the walls, and a particular shadow emerged from one wall far from me, but still on my linesight. That shadows started to come to me in a strange way, like jumping and rolling, and becoming 3D instead of 2D as ir "emerged" from the wall.
It reached my feet, and i then observed it, being a strange creature with a cat-like face with verte long and sharp fangs, suspended in mid of a pentagram Made of legs with human features but hoofs instead of feets. That thing watched me, and it started to grow and grow everytime I blinked. I started to shiver and feel a Lot of fear, but Also some strange curiosity. I standed my ground when that thing was slightly higher than me (I'm 1.8m), and after realizing i wasnt able to control my Dream and banish that thing, i tried yo talk to it, when the old man apeared at my back, and told me "It's not enough to think or want something, you really need to Crave for it...
The old man then banished in a shadow, and the monster talked next, and said in a temptative and loud voice: What do you wish then?

I woke up with a strange feeling on my stomach (like a "void") and a sore forehead. I started to investigate online, and came after half an hour to an image of a Demon, known as Buer. The image had a strong resemblance with the monster on my Dream.
I've reading Since, and found that Buer knows and teaches about philosofy, Nature and medicine.
The strange thing is, I'm a doctor (physician), and Ive never readed about demons other that Lucifer (i havent really had interest in demonology before).

That Dream happened this monday, and Since i've had that feeling on my stomach. It hasnt worsened, but neither medicine or meditation has helped.

Any ideas or advices you guys could share with me?

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