Electional astrology question

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Electional astrology question

Post#1 » Sat Jun 22, 2019 10:23 am

Not an entirely magical topic but I know some of you do elections, and since it's an election for magic, I thought I would be better off asking here than your average astrology community.

I am planning on consecrating an obsidian mirror for more or less theurgic PGM-ish purposes. Given the strong solar connections of the demiurge in my paradigm, I thought I'd make use of the Sun being in Leo soon. I had the idea to see what I could do with the Moon in her own sign as well, but therein lies my issue… if the Moon is in her own sign she's opposite Saturn in Capricorn. Now, as a relative newbie with electional astrology… how horrible is this magically? :angelic :lol:

For example, I have an election:
Jupiter (R) rules the ascendant, is dignified, in a good house, unaffected by malefics.
Sun is dignified in Leo in the ninth house, ruling travel, religion, astrology, omens, dreams, divination.
Moon is dignified in Cancer, but not in a great house and opposing Saturn (R) dignified in Capricorn in sect.

Should I give up my dreams of a solar/lunar dignified in own sign double-whammy and start looking for mutual receptions instead? I expect so, but I'm wondering whether being in its own domicile or being retrograde makes any difference, and being magical practitioners you might offer some insights into Saturn here that are more magically inclined than the average "is this a good or a bad time in general" election interpretations.

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