Lucid dreaming and Tree of Life Exercises

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Lucid dreaming and Tree of Life Exercises

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I wanted to see if anyone was interested in doing tree of life exercises (including middle pillar) while lucid dreaming and posting their results? I just started this recently and I have to say the effects were quite stunning.

So without much ado, I'll start with my experience:

The previous night, while lucid, I attempted to start the Middle pillar. However, as soon as I said, Eh-e-eh, the sky overhead (previously dark) took on an orange glow. Suddenly I became afraid out of nowhere and snapped awake from the dream.

This night, I resolved to not be afraid should something similar happen again and to complete the exercise. I was successful..first starting with Eh-e-eh, and imagining a white light just above my head. I continued with the remaining chants until I could hold that visualization in my head. I actually saw the white spheres in their respective areas.

Out of nowhere then I noticed a figure, also bearing the same white lights in the 5 centers. She (it appeared female) noticed me as well and said, 'Good job, would you like me to teach you?' Something made me distrustful of this figure however (likely because I wasn't expecting to see anyone) and I immediately started to 'attack' the figure. I basically tried to launch an energy sphere towards her. I was shocked when it dissolved prior to reaching her. She then laughed and said something to effect of, 'No, this is how you do it'. She then launched a white sphere at me as well and I found myself in another room, where there appeared to be a lot of precious stones.

I stayed in this room a little while, the white lights still visualized in each of my 5 centers, when I became aware of another figure, again bearing similar lights and female, though dark skinned this time. I got the sense she was with the first woman and so I attacked her as well, this time trying to force her into the wall. This worked, however I saw the first figure appear again and so I ran away.

At this point the dream becomes hazy, although I was still lucid. I remember taking some of the previous stones and being confronted by their owner, who I had to talk to and challenge before he'd let me take them.

So with that all said, what I find remarkable about this dream was the interaction I had with the other dream figures. It definitely appeared to be figures with their own wills and personalities as opposed to different aspects of myself, although you could also argue that they were higher levels of myself interacting with my lower self.

I'm interested in continuing this exercise because I see this as a way of increasing self realization as well as communicating with other entities. An article I found ( ... d_Dreaming) describes one person's experiences with this and I think it'd also be interesting to be able to replicate results or add to what's out there.

Please feel free to add your own experiences.


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