Bag Sprite Spell & Nail Spell

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Bag Sprite Spell & Nail Spell

Post#1 » Sun Dec 31, 2017 12:09 pm

These spells comes from a small book of folk-spells that had written, attributed to my area. I casually flip through them from time to time and select a few to publish on the internet to share. Today's offerings~

Bag Sprite Spell #2 - White Sprite

This spell is similar to the first bag sprite spell, but its purpose is more beneficial than malignant. You sew together with white thread a small bag of two pieces of white cloth, and you take filing from the pillow of the bed of the individual and you sing as you make the bag and stuff it, all the while:

I do not sew the white bag
Nor with it by the white thread,
Or by my hand together,
But I sew the sprite,
Of luck, protection and prosperity,
that by this bag, all will have
the best of fortune ever!"

And with a pen or black ink you decorate the spirte with a face on each side, and then you sing:

"Sprite in the white bag,
O' Sprite now that can see!
I've sewn and stuffed
you all to life,
I bid you talk to me!

And lo, the bag will be a sprite, and it will protect the owner(s) from whose stuffing was taken from the pillow(s).

Nail Spell #3 - Boil in Hatred

This one is my own devising. You gather a nail from a road and with it a puddle of water from a road as well, and you take an article of clothing from the target and you boil them all in a large pot and while you stir you say:

"It is not the nail I brew
Nor the clothing in the water too
But discord and malice,
misfortune and pain
That as they boil they will
boil in you [name]!"

Where the [name] is the name of the target. You put it all into a bottle and bury it under the night on the property of the target, or at a crossroads, or far far away from the house where it has been made.
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