Asterion, herbal sigils comment

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Asterion, herbal sigils comment

Post#1 » Fri Sep 22, 2017 12:21 am

AsterionSeptember 14, 2017 at 6:32 AM
Wormwood is ruled by Mars only on the internet, I think. It s name is in Latin Arthemisia Absinthum, and it s Lunar since ancient times.

Other than bitterness, it has no Martial feature whatsoever, it s dedicated to Artemis, the virgin-warrior-hunter aspect of the Moon.

But anyways, you can use whatever symbol you wish. This is just my personal fancy :D

This was your response to comment on blogspot, but i honestly hate that site so Im going to continue here.

The reason i refer to artemisia as a martian herb is because thats what laboratory experimentation shows. Within alchemy and the herbal work, if a plants planetary ruler is unsure, the herb is processed on different days, and the quantity/quality ratios compared. Wormwood seems to solidly display that it is best on a tuesday. Granted i have not run thousands of experiments with control groups etc, but artemisia is one of the herbs i have double checked in this way and found that alchemical authors prior to me were correct in attributing mars to its rule. I get that sometimes in magickal use a smell, taste, or psychotropic effect can indicate rulership of a different type, i think this is more subjective, whereas the physical proof of processing pretty definitively indicates what planet it corresponds to best. There is quite a bit more information about modern objective lab results indicating planetary attribution via several things such as the crystal habit of the salts of any given material, covered in bartletts "way of the crucible" and dr ross macks "alchemical essays"

by the way though, I do love the idea of a sigil system based on the (i beleive) paracelsus derived idea that each part of a plant has sub rulerships.
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