Quick conjuration of Ophiel

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Quick conjuration of Ophiel

Post#1 » Wed May 17, 2017 9:44 am

UPDATE: slighly revised on my blog, with my own translation of the Arbatel's latin text and a matching image: https://bluemagician.vc/2017/06/07/a-qu ... of-ophiel/

On the day of Mercury, in the mid-day hour of Mercury, I summoned Ophiel from the Arbatel for the first time.

A quick grounding/banishing was done. This for me basically consists of getting still in my three bodies and loading myself with the divine attributes of the four elements. It takes maybe 15-30 seconds.

I lit an incense stick of Sandalwood for Mercury, as I didn't have time for lighting a coal and burning incense.

I meditated on the significance of Ophiel's sigil for a minute or two, then proceeded to draw it in my magical notebook/grimoire. When I finished I instantly felt a presence infusing me and the room. It felt very electric, in a truly mercurial sort of way. Perhaps it is usually even stronger, only now Mercury is in Taurus.

We talked about my desires and requests and I finished the session.

I liked the experience and will continue to work with Ophiel in the future. I did not feel any desire to listen for "spoken" responses. I felt Ophiel listening intently throughout. They are willing to help me as permitted to them.

That sums it up, a quick report of a quick summoning. Feel free to ask questions.

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