The Headless One

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The Headless One

Post#1 » Wed Mar 23, 2016 6:09 pm

Hey everyone. I searched and was surprised to not find any threads here about people performing this rite. Moonlit Hermit and I talked about it a bit over in another thread, but that's about all I found. I've been sort of irresistibly drawn to this ritual since I heard about it, and some of the symbolism in the wording has been present in my life for a little while now, particularly serpent imagery. After spending some time looking it over, I decided to perform it last night. I'm going to post my impressions and process here, and I hope maybe others can give me some advice and opinions, because I will probably perform this again soon.

I began with just a purifying shower, which is the same thing I do before the Shemhamphorash evocations I do. I read online that it's a good idea to do the Lesser Banishing Ritual before the Headless One, which I didn't do this time, but will probably add in next time. I just lit my two candles and burnt some incense (I have some really great copal and Palo Santo cones). I also prepared a piece of consecrated paper with the divine names and the "beneficial sign" from the book. By the way, I should also mention that my source was Jake Stratton-Kent's pamphlet on the Headless One.

This is going to be a really hard rite to describe. First off, I also read about how awkward the Greek words are to pronounce. I didn't find this the be the case however, and thought they were very natural and powerful when spoken.

The feeling I got began as a presence to my left. I'm not sure what it looked like because my arm was in the way, but I decided not to look or get distracted from what I was doing. It didn't feel harmful, just distinct. This went away after a few moments and suddenly I found myself full of a strange sort of energy. It wasn't incredibly intense like I thought it would be, in fact, it was pretty peaceful. What I found most interesting about this feeling was that unlike other operations I've done in which I must focus hard and stay on task to keep the energy, this feeling was very hard to shake no matter what I did. It was still there in the morning after I woke up too. Besides feeling like I had some sort of divine energy inside of me, I also felt like my senses were heightened, although not in a way I can describe well. Maybe it was my sense of intuition that was heightened? Different feelings washed over me. First, there was the feeling of something lining up around me, like something was moving and fitting into place. Then there was this organic feeling of love. Feelings of certain familiar spirits were there too, but for the most part it was just me and whatever this was. Finally, the hardest part to describe would be the magickal sort of feeling I used to get when I was a child in the woods behind my house. It suddenly felt like I was back there again, even though I was miles away now, sitting in my bedroom. It was like something I lost was regained.

I stated an intention in the voice of this being, and that was the purification of my heart. I recently did a tarot reading and it implored me to remember and hold on to the things that really mattered in my life. I thought about asking for many things, but this was what seemed the most real to me.

I dreamed all night about people I used to know and love. I awoke feeling pretty good, but worn out. Today I feel like things are going well. A couple good things have happened, but there is this other feeling of goodness that I can't really explain.

Anyway, that's pretty much it. If anyone has any stories of their own or suggestions, that would kick ass.
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