Sifting through the dross to find meaningful information.

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Sifting through the dross to find meaningful information.

Post#1 » Mon Apr 29, 2019 6:21 am

Note: I moved this here because it was off-topic but I still think it's useful. - S+A

Asahel wrote:I snapped at him because his post was, for me, the last drop in a trend I couldn't help but notice on this forum in general. One has to swift through a lot of dross to find meaningful information nowadays, and that's because people just post for the sake of saying something.

I agree and it is an ongoing issue here.

A number of us old timers have noticed this as well, which is the reason for us sometimes warning people against "garbage posting." If you search that term here, you will find conversations about this going back 10 years. But people have noticed it getting worse. Some of the more beginner-friendly sites ("Wizard Forums" comes to mind but there were several others) stopped functioning in any useful way, due, I think, to bad modding and apathy. But we're still alive and kicking. Unfortunately, we get a lot of people registering who are unsuitable and who would have been attracted to those other sites first.

And this goes out to anyone reading this: when you see people complaining that we're harsh, that we ban members too easily, keep in mind that banning people sucks. We don't like doing it (even if we try to have a sense of humor when it becomes necessary). And it's not why we're here. But some people have nothing to say, or they're crazy, or they're looking for a handout of some kind, or they want to sell designer sunglasses cheap!, or all they want to do is harass others, troll, and fight. That's when we have to remove them.

Also sometimes we don't realize that there is an enormous audience of lurkers here, both registered and otherwise. We're doing this for them, too.

(Sorry for the sermon, but when the opportunity comes up to remind our community what we're actually trying to accomplish here, my inner "Rev. Henry Kane" comes out. :ugeek:)

In case anyone is wondering (and I know sometimes people do, especially those new to Studio Arcanis):

Prov on the "Moderation of Topics" here:
Yours Truly on how to write good SA posts:
Vovin on "Ye Rules":

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