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Post#1 » Sun Nov 26, 2017 7:27 pm

This booklet was released over two decades ago. 1996, to be more precise. It teaches simple techniques to perform magick while in the lucid dreaming/astral projection state. Oddly enough, there is no commentary about this short book over the internet. The only mention to it is this very forum, on a thread which a user by the name of "wizardscauldron" made a nod to it, saying no more that with the techniques on that manual he was able to predict future happenings.

The poster is sadly inactive for years, so not much could be heard from him on this subject. Since I'm still struggling with attaining lucid dreaming/astral projection, I haven't been able to apply the very promising techniques from the book. The fact there is no discussion about it anywhere only makes it more mysterious.

Some of its contents are: changing your personality via self-hypnosis, accessing unlimited knowledge from the Akashic records, influence people and performing love-bindings, and, very interestingly, changing your physical appearence. The procedures described are actually very simple.

Have anyone around here heard of this book, or even tried its techniques?
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