Family magical traditions

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Family magical traditions

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I found this thing I wrote somewhere here:

"I would guess that someone who's been practicing for longer, who can consult their grandmother about proper practice, who may have been surrounded by thinly veiled magical practices all of their life, whose practice is integrated into their immediate surroundings (their friends or family) - is going to have a different experience of magick than someone like me whose first exposure (as a middle class white person raised in the American burbs) was via Llewellyn Press books and the Psychic Eye chain of stores."

The thing is, though, I've been coming to terms with the hereditary aspect, that there is magic in my family (connected with the side of my family that is Ukrainian Jewish) - it's just that I was largely raised apart from it for enough of my life, and also, a lot of the practice is invisible. My mother never identified as a witch or magician or anything like that, the magic was just part of individual family members' eccentricity rather than "a magical tradition." When I met my high school best friend (who was a Wiccan), I was exposed to magic actually being "a thing" as opposed to family eccentricity or something that could be written off as old world family superstitions.

A lot of my own magic connects to that magic in ways I never realized. My mother distanced so much from that part of the family and their beliefs/practices were, to her, part of the craziness that she was leaving behind. I didn't know any of these people that well and was not raised with them. There is so much of that magic that was part of a really dysfunctional family, reinforced by the dysfunction, reinforcing of the dysfunction. The magic has always been framed as part of individuals' eccentricity or as a symptom of mental illness. But my mother has always had her own magic, and in recent times, my mother has decided to embrace the family magic, especially as the "family ghosts" have come to assist her with her genealogical research. I've been learning how much of my mother's belief system was transmitted to me, and how much hers comes from her mother's, and just how intense the magical beliefs are in my family. It has been interesting.
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