My first contact with a spirit..

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My first contact with a spirit..

Post#1 » Sun Sep 07, 2014 3:46 pm

Good afternoon everyone.

A brief history- I became interested in Magick after a horrible breakup with an ex and decided I would dabble in random Evocations to get him back. That being unsuccessful, I had a lot of very annoyed spirits to appease before I could continue on my rightful magick path, not fuelled with desperation and all that other emotional baggage that comes with being spurned.

However, I diverge. Since then, I have downloaded and studied Frater Acher’s “A course in Dream Magic” and naturally followed some of the suggested reading on A.O.S sigil-magic. Combining the two techniques I went to sleep with a very detailed sigil under my pillow last night with rather vivid dreams about pigs giving birth with anthropomorphic faces and human cries. I wrote the details in my journal, and because it is Sunday, wound up taking an accidental lucid dream nap--- purely unplanned and absolutely un-thought of. There a voice whispered to me- His name was Lyon-ard. (or Lyon Heart) for some reason even in the dream I kept tripping over the phonetics, and he told me that he was there. He touched my hand- or rather, moved my hand on top of my other hand and touched me with it, causing me to wake up.

I did a quick tarot reading and it seemed as if he was there to help me, however I did call upon some very evil spirits when in ignorance, I attempted to force my ex back to me, including FurFur and all of the Pomba Giras. (I am from the Caribbean.. the Pomba Giras seemed to be natural spirits to call upon- sorry I was a little ignorant). I have made generalised offerings of candles and sage oil to appease whomever I have pissed off- nothing specific- just general apologies with a white candle.

My question to you guys is how do I know if Lyon Heart (Lyonard) means me well if I specifically didn’t call him by name? He just sort of came to me and told me that he was there... and quite frankly, I could always feel something there with me, this is the first time it has been given a name (or the first time it introduced himself to me). What do you think??

I would sincerely appreciate any advice or even a suggested post to read, if I am asking some dumb newbie question that has already been addressed. I read the rules quite thoroughly and after pissing off spirits, I don't really want to piss of human moderators either. :bow :bow :bow

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