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Weather and Dukes: Lemegaton.

Posted: Tue Apr 26, 2011 6:44 am
by Bluefirephoenix
I'm wondering how to define " clear weather " for the Ducal evocaitons. The climate here isn't postcard and even on days when it isn't raining it's usually windy foggy or partly cloudy and blowing a gale. Clear blue sky with no clouds ... doesn't happen very often... This month maybe 3 days at the most where it stayed clear more than a few hours with no clouds.

How have you guys been defining clear weather practically. I know all you don't live in sunny florida or the sw US. I was thinking anytime the air is clear... ( not foggy, raining or snowing or a mix of all the above ) and reasonably calm ( can light a fire safely)

how does the weather affect the results.