An Alternative Method of Goetic Magick

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An Alternative Method of Goetic Magick

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Hi All,

I would like to represent an alternative method of Goetic magick that may be of interest to you. It will become apparent to the reader that this is for more advanced magickians. I will not describe the technique, I will describe an event.

Date: 3rd September 2007
Spirit: Vassago
Moon: Waning, just passed full
Weather: Warm and overcast
Time: 17:30 - 18:15 (time flows differently in the spirit world, but this normal time)

In this exercise I went in spirit for to the realm of the 3rd Demon of the Goetia Vassago. I went because I was after information, specifically the future, as I had received a strange sensation that I receive just prior to a series of unfortunate events. I usually then visit some or other spirit and decide if the events can be avoided.

I did the operation in my bedroom - my family was out and I was not going to be disturbed. I lit one candle and some Jupiter incense. I then lay on the bed with Vassago's seal and stared at it, whilst chanting his name like a mantra until the seal came alive on the paper. I then laid it aside, performed the 4-fold breath, body of light and eventually left my body in the body of light (BoL).

This time I choose to go to a place that is between Malkuth and the Tunnels of Set, like a no-mans land, it is also the closest that the Astral gets to combining to the physical. This place is safe for the spirit to get used to the astral before just launching into the Tunnels. It always manifests to me as a spiral stone staircase that spirals down. This is conventient to me because it feels like a continuation of the slight spinning sensation that you get just before you pop out of your body. I am clothed in nothing at first so I materialise black trousers and an astral representation of my staff. The staff is also known as the magickians humility (towards God) and with this divine aid is always forthcoming. Around my neck is a symbol of my HGA.

I walk down the staircase and eventually I pass a door which leads to the outside. This outside is a hidden path on the Tree of Life. There are many useful spirits there, but not today, I continue down. The air becomes cool and humid, the staircase dimmer. I ask for light and light comes from my staff. Eventually I get to the bottom of the stairs, which lead into a long tunnel. This is the start of the Tunnels of Set as they appear to me. The tunnels are old and smooth and have a 'heavy' feel to them. They also smell stale, like the air is poisonous. I always feel like I am being watched in here and indeed these tunnels are old and many things lurk for the unsuspecting. I feel a cold shiver and I invoke the feeling of the LBRP, BRH and RC. The symbols come alive around me and I am filled with the essence of the divine. The feeling does not go, so I use my staff and draw a Triangle of Manifestation in the dust on the floor. I then say the three holy names: Tetragramaton, Anaphaxeton, Primeumation and a sort of scaled creature condences in the tunnel over the triangle.

I ask the spirit, "Why do you watch me?" It answers in a voice that is half hiss and half the sound of grinding stone on stone, "I am the guardian here, this is not the place for the living, you must leave for those who come here are mine." I banish it with the holy name "El" and the invocation of the divine light. No sooner is it gone than I feel a warm presence behind me, it is the Archangel Sandolphon who has appeared as an old man in his capacity as a guide. I am not surprised to see him hear, I was actually hoping to find him sooner. Although he has never ventured into the Tunnels with me, he always leads me to the door, which he does now.

Whilst we walk deeper into the Tunnels, he asks me, "You have come to see Vassago?"
Me, "Yes, just how much of Metatron is in you?"
Sandolphon, "We are the same, now that is the real mistery. I urge you to turn your back on the physical nd material, seek not the guidance of demons."
Me, "It is sound advice old friend, but we walk different paths you an I. I must balance the base with the spiritual, I must transmute the learnings of the light and the dark."

He lead me further into the tunnels until we get to a round, domed room. In the centre is a dark pool of inky liquid. This is very similar to the vision of Yesod, just the dark side of the moon. On the pool he traces Vassago's seal in purple energy. I vibrate Vassago three times and then jump into the pool through the seal.

The pool surrounds me and feels thick like oil, it is think and still. Within the blackness there are living lights flitting about, I try to stop to see one but I am being sucked downward and then, suddenly, I am through.

At first my spirit struggles to cope with the rush of energy with this place. I cannot see anything but a blinding sand coloured haze and the energy is so powerful I feel as though my spirit is being destroyed. I resist the urge to panic and ignore the intense spiritual pain and slowly change my own vibrations to suit the surroundings, like acclimitising to a hot bath... of sulphuric acid. When I am comfortable, I slowly start to be able to see again.

I am standing in a desert, desolate except for the path I stand on and the thing which is standing near me with a disappointed look on its face - like dinner just got taken away. He is short, fat (round) has bright eyes and many rows of sharp teeth in a mouth that splits his face in two. Kind of like a bipedal toad with a hungry grin. I command it, "Take me to Vassago" and I draw the seal for Vassago in the air. Disappointed, it truns and waddles off down the path. We walk for a while and many more of the little things join us, in some sort of long procession. They seem happy, which makes me worried given that I am here to see a principality of hell. I decide not to stay too long. They lead me to a domed structure which is almost completely grey, this is the temple of Vassago.

They wait and simple stare, so I walk inside along. Once inside I am greeted by the demon Vassago who is in the middle of a sort of feast. He is a repulsive looking spirit. Very tall, around 8 foot, skinny with grey limp skin. He has a large, bulbous head with one big central eye and a huge mouth with many sharp teeth, like a shark. He wears a rotting sheep like a cape and is, at the moment when I enter, eating the decaying arm of a man. There are a pile of bodies in a corner of his temple and strewen about are bones and jewels (I guess he is a collector).

He stands up and greats me by my name that the spirits call me by, "Greatings ..., welcome to my home. I have some things to tell you but not much today." He looks triumphant.
Me, "I do not need much Vassago, I need to see the next 12 months."
Vassago waves a claw, the air changes and I see myself having fun in New York with some work people
Vassago, "Happy times, make sure you enjoy them"
Vassago waves his claw again and again the air changes, I feel t is December 2007. Now I see my wife, she is greatly distressed and green and grey emotions swirl around her. She cannot find consolation.
Vassago, "She morns your death ..., too bad we'll be seeing you again so soon"
My thoughts go to other loved ones and I see my parents and brother in a similar state of distress and morning
Me, "Not really what I expected Vassago, is there more? How, I have seen my death and it is not for a long while."
Vassago, "Many deaths..., you have seen a possible one, but this is now also just as possible."
I now understand his good humour
Me, "Thank you Vassago, do you have any advice for me?"
Vassago, "You can exchange one type of freedom for another, but, in the end, you will be just as trapped by both."
Me, "Will you show me more today?"
Vassago, "I can, but it isn't worth our while, you will die anyway and we don't like your company."
Me, "Thank you" and I leave

The little fat thing walks me back to the spot where the pool dropped me off. I invoke the Divine name "Shaddai El-Chai" and am brought upwards out of his realm. I walk back to the stairs an feel myself nearing the physical. I give thanks to the divine and am back in my body.

Now, obviously I am not dead - I later found out that I was to die in December on a work trip, this from a more friendly spirit after much work. I used a fair amount of magick and eventually got sent on a different work trip at the same time. The decision sat with one man as to which trip I would take and the decision was made 2 days before I left. A colleague went on the trip on which I was supposed to die and the trip passed without event. Interesting times last year.

Anyway, another method of using the Goetia, if you are up to it. If you think an evocation hangover is bad, you feel like crap for days after doing this but for information there really is no better way.

Many thanks,


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