Orobas' ring,

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Orobas' ring,

Post#1 » Thu Oct 18, 2018 5:32 pm

I was posting some portraits of Goetia spirits I worked with as a thank you, and it occurred to me that I didn't include Orobas, as he hadn't been directly involved in what I had been up to. I sort of filed it under "will do that later" as the bell rung (I had a client coming for a reading). The moment I went to the door, a ring I have that has been dedicated to Orobas fell out of my pocket and the carnelian stone broke. Or at least, that's what I thought at the moment. I immediately made the connection that I 'd better mention/post his picture as well; which I promptly did.

The ring has a carnelian, which isn't typical Jupiter stuff, but it does have a black horse engraved in it.
I felt bad about the whole thing and the breaking of the ring's stone, but I didn't have time to have a decent look as my client was coming in. Now afterwards, I took a look at the ring again and saw that the stone wasn't broken - a piece of the bottom side had come off, but the stone was intact. The person that made the ring made the silver setting a lot higher than the stone, and the stone was mounted in a kind of red wax to give it the appearance of a thicker stone. The wax was the substance that went to pieces.
I took the hint, and set to work to re-assemble the ring, but this time with bay leaf, tibetan cedar wood and Abramelin oil in the setting and then I set the stone in it, all of this with Orobas' seal beneath it. I had to use a bit of presure to get the stone in, and with the whole "stuffing" there and oil et all, it got messy, but eventually it all settled and became coherent. I noticed that the black parts of the horse in the carnelian stone were mostly gone as a side-effect.

I used a kind of gel that's a polymere derived glue-type artistic medium, and when it was cured, the whole ring was positively buzzing. I activated it during the hour of Jupiter today being Thursday, and did some other Jupiter -related work as well, most of this in an off-the-cuff session (I have some dedicated candles and seals handy, so setup time isn't that much) - I took some pictures of the cedar incense and one, imho
ring SA post2.jpg
ring SA post.jpg
shows the horselike -appearance. This is just the icing on the cake, the main course being how a seemingly unfortunate event, spirit-related, turned out to be a creative boost.
Orobas3 SA post.jpg
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