Trimethius Table: Have You Used It & Your Results With It?

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Trimethius Table: Have You Used It & Your Results With It?

Post#1 » Sat Mar 24, 2018 12:57 pm

I see a LOT of postings on various forums and groups about the Trimethius table and unfortunately, like the vast majority of CM's, the conversations seem to be limited to its how-to construction. Do not get me wrong, while this is good info unfortunately it only gives one slice of the entire pie. Before I and others go and waste time, $ and effort building one of these infernal gadgets, I want to know:

Exactly what have you gained from using one?

When has using your Trimethius table exceeded your expectations?
* Can you give us some examples of when & how this happened?

How often do you use your Trimethius table?
* Are there certain days and hours you're limited to using it?

What sorts of questions are you wont to ask the spirit of the crystal?
* Are there types of questions which you cannot ask?

Would you consider yourself wholly satisfied with your Trimethius table?
* Was it worth building in the first place? Would you do it again if something happened to this table?

Anything you could tell us about using it in your own work with specifics (as much as you would share) would be a big help. Yes, yes I'm well aware of Chassen & FRO's books but I don't care about them because they're telling a different story. Rather I want to hear directly from the end-user of these contraptions to find out if fiddling around trying to get the exotic components to build one is worth it and when I hear people say, "Oh yes it's worth it!" that doesn't mean anything to me because it doesn't really tell me anything specific. You may as well keep silent if you're not going to actually share anything, y'know? WHY is it worth it? In what way?

I paid a CM to build me one of these a couple of years ago and he never bothered to actually build it for me thus live & learn. I'm thinking about having my brother who is a veteran carpenter (meaning he has over 40 years experience) who can build me this device if I round up the materials. The problem is I'm not convinced it is all that and a bag of chips since no one actually discusses what they use theirs for - it's almost as if anyone who has a Trimethius table refuses to discuss much else than Planetary initiations. Or discuss how to build one or how they built their own and argue about which name goes where. Sometimes the discussions on such are interesting however such discussions still hearken to Judeo mythology and frankly I could give a crap about Judaism or its myths - just a personal bias because I detest QBL these days. However if there are enough folks who are willing to pipe up and talk about their practices USING the Trimethius table, well that will make for interesting reading as well as spur me and others on to wanting to actually build one and get involved then share our own experiences. Because beyond so-called planetary initiations, what else is the gadget used for?
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