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A failed evocation, my take, and further attempts

Posted: Sat Nov 18, 2017 9:48 pm
by amind
My recently acquired aim, is to achieve a visual manifestation of a spirit. I've been practicing the trithemius method for about a month with little result. I don't feel I have followed the trithemius method as noted exactly, but I have taken shortcuts. So I will work further to follow the instructions fully.

Recently however, I have decided in all earnestly to try and accomplish a goetic evocation. This has for a long time been a great goal of mine. As a magician, I want to get visible/physical manifestation. I actually want to speak to the spirit directly and hear it intelligibly.

I rushed into this ritual. Plenty of equipment either not given their benediction, or some instructions not followed as precisely. I knew off the bat that the ritual would fail. But I had hope, that maybe, just maybe I might be able achieve it. And maybe even spot mistakes to iron out. I knew that I would do an evocation again soon, and when that time comes during the waxing moon, I would have all the necessary equipment. But for now, I wanted to see what mistakes I could find, and what I could improve.

I executed this ritual yesterday. It was an attempt to meet Seer. I really wanted to meet Beleth. But Beleth is a king, and can not be bound in the hours that I impromptu decided to work in. The only reason I chose Seer, is because it is noted in the grimoires that a Prince can be bound at any time of the day, and I was performing this ritual in the twilight hours of Friday(not the correct hour, or day, yes I know).

I am working from the goetia of Dr Rudd. I drew the heptameron circle by hand on a 5foot linen cloth. The triangle was done the same way as were the pentagram and hexagram. The incense used was not the correct one, I needed cedar, but used frankincense and myrrh sticks instead. I did not know the direction in which to face, so I used Crowley's 777 to find the direction of the spirit.

Here is the note from my magical journal:
Gonna perform goetic evocation today in woods.
Not following text on too many things. But I consider this to be a prelim.
I don't expect a visual/physical manifestation at all. But perhaps this is good practice. And if I do experience anything interesting. It will be noted.

Things off the top of my head that aren't done to the instructions,
-(seals aren't done in correct metal(including pentagram and hexagram))
-Circle being used is less than 5 feet. Still waiting for 9 foot parchment to arrive.
-Pentagram not made in hour of mercury during mercury day.
-moon not waxing.
-Purity not kept.
-Hazel wand still not arrived yet.
-Did not memorize conjurations.
-No ring of solomon.
-No phylactery.
-No Secret Seal.
etc etc
the list could go on.

performed goetic ritual to Seer. at around 12:20am. In woods. Ritual went terrible. Couldn't see my papers. Should have
used kindle(or memorized conjurations). Didn't feel comfortable. Was a little windy and had to use candles to hold parchment down. Too many things went wrong to count. Spirit did not show up. The only phenomena whenever I perform an evocation that seems quite consistent, is the sound of a dog barking in the distance. Interesting synchronicity?

Might try goetia again soon. But this was a good wakeup call. Those woods were not the place to do this. Ideally I need a place indoors where I can control for variables. But I it's tough to find space in London."

I have quite a few questions to the experienced in evocatory magick. I will attempt another goetic evocation soon.
-I don't know the best direction to face, is 777 reliable for spirit direction.
-I am also basing my timing of the ritual on the Shemhamphoresh angel timing. Is this wise? I am using the day and hour of the shem angel to control the goetic. And choosing that hour based on time of binding (a king for example: 9am till noon)
-I am thinking of memorizing the conjurations, is this necessary? This will take quite some time.
-How many attempts did it take you before you got some form of manifestation?

Thank you for reading and for any insight you might have to offer.