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Hello About the Author Donald Michael Craig

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Hello everybody,
In regard to the book, Modern Magick, by Donald Michael Craig, which is a primer and introduction to Ceremonial Magic, for some reason I don't understand, towards the end of the book where it teaches evocation, the spirit it talks about evoking is a demon. How does that make sense? As novices, shouldn't we work with angels first, before attempting to summon demons? For so many reasons, this doesn't make any sense to me at all.
And as if that isn't enough, in his other book, Evocation of Spirit, which is even for less experienced Magicians, he does the same thing all over again in that he lists demons to work with and evoke. And in the book, he gives a list of several goetic demons and their sigils, without even an angels, or even mentioning them. This is madness to me. What are your thoughts? I wonder why these books were written in that vein. I think it is completely wrong in that regard. Thank you. Be peaceful. :wub

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