Jupiter in Scorpio project

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Jupiter in Scorpio project

Post#1 » Sun Sep 17, 2017 11:02 am

Dear friends,

Jupiter will enter Scorpio soon, around 10 October 2017. Throughout the month of October, he will visit the spirit collectives of the Earth Zone, or single-degree zodiac beings, corresponding to degrees 1-5 of Scorpio.

I intend to talk about Jupiter's time in Scorpio soon, probably in the form of a video recording. Part of the video will be about the zodiacal spirits he will visit in October.

I will personally get into contact with these spirits to hear and feel what they have to say. If any of you would like to participate, please let me know by posting here. I would like to collect the results you wish to share by Monday, October 2nd, to allow for enough time to create the video sections on the spirits. It's fine if you volunteer but don't come up with anything, or partial results.

I know that there is a thread on here where contact has been made with these spirits and some results shared, but this project is about the things these spirits have to say at this point in time, and within the context of the Jupiter transit. Please also ask the spirits if they agree to have these things shared with the world at large.

Also welcome are general ideas of what Jupiter in Scorpio, or Jupiter in Scorpio Decan I, will mean for people, the planet and the human collective.

For any piece of information you can choose to send me the information in private (if you do not want to influence other people's perceptions) or post it here for others to read as you come up with it, at your own discretion as your inner guidance directs.

Here is the list of spirits, using the names given by Bardon:

10 Oct 2017: 1 Scorpio, ALUPH
15 Oct 2017: 2 Scorpio, SCHALUAH
19 Oct 2017: 3 Scorpio, HASPERIM
24 Oct 2017: 4 Scorpio, ADAE
29 Oct 2017: 5 Scorpio, HELMIS

The names purportedly given in the Peter Hammer 1725 German edition of the Book of Abramelin are the same, except for ADAE, who is called ADON, indicating a different view on the later stages of the initiatory path of these spirits.

Please note that this is not a Bardon-specific working, so it's perfectly fine to participate with any background, and in any way you see fit. I only ask that you are sincere in making contact with these spirits. :)

Check here for the most auspicious time of day to have an "appointment" with any of these spirits: https://earthzonespirits.firebaseapp.com/

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