Read the fucking grimoires!

The Heptameron, the Key of Solomon, the Lemegeton, the Arbatel of Magic, the Book of Abramelin, etc.
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Read the fucking grimoires!

Post#1 » Sun Jan 18, 2015 3:45 am

Sorry but I m kinda fed up with stupidity.

Please read those short short short fucking books that tell you everything you need to know about your demon or your ritual and stop asking idiotic questions.

Is it ok to evoke four entities for one job? No! That means you consider them dumb as rocks.
These spirits are not hoboes that you call and ask: Can you get me gum? And they go: Oh no no master sir, I do don t know that fancy gum stuff, I betta be helpeded to gittit. I don t know that thingesses by myself.

Call one incredibly ancient and potent and gnoscient power of the bygone eras at a time to get that girl you like to speak to you.

Can I call more in the same night?
Have you read the hours in which you must conjure them? Brest of luck. It s like two lines in the Goetia. Not that hard to miss.


Can I call like, all of them!

Dude, if you haven t even called one of them successfully, NO, do not attempt that.

How do I know that?

Because you ask others what you can easily find out from THEM.

Don t trust me? ASK ANY DEMON; ANGEL OR JINN the precise questions here.

I m not saying I m above you, I m the head cheese, I know it all, but juuuuust reeead the boook, it s not that hard.
Do not PM me asking for spells or rituals. Do not PM me asking to be your tutor in magic: after 20-30 people do that and bail on you because they realise it s hard, it gets frustrating. I ll help any other way.

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