Goetia for money (big money) - which spirits can help -ideas

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Goetia for money (big money) - which spirits can help -ideas

Post#1 » Thu Apr 10, 2014 4:54 pm

Here is my question. I want to be rich by magic. Now here I will write the different ways of achieving it (ok, sometimes these are just simple material things), and, I will be happy for you to answear which spirits can be helpful. They should not be stricly taken from Goetia. So:

1. Business Ideas. I want to pop up in my mind good business ideas. I want to see the opportunities and chances, from which I can open my own business. I want to see badly given services, wrongly designed things, I want to have an idea how to do something better, how to solve people needs and etc things.

2. Lottery winnings. But not normal lottery. I am thinking about very specific thing. When you buy something, and register in the drawing with you bill number. Or you need to send an sms with some advertisement sentence so they will choose yours. For the influencing people, Paimon is good, but which spirit can influence IT machines, so they will draw your number? Often in that kind of drawing you can with really good prizes like cars, computers and etc. And this is not like in lottery that your chances are like 1:14000000 and dozens of people are doing magic, but like few thousand, of which all what people do is just positive thinking.

I am not playing on normal lotteris, sometimes when there is big cumulation just for fun. But the drawing things are much much possible to win via the evocation.
But even most important for me is the point one :)

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