Astarte Sleepytime Evocation

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Astarte Sleepytime Evocation

Post#1 » Fri Jun 14, 2019 1:14 am

The other night I mentioned demonic evocation to my roommate who is currently enthralled by The Secret. I also suggested The Secret is fundamentally magick/witchcraft, and it made her so upset that she left the room.

This offended me so much that when I went to bed, I laid and thought about summoning, I don’t know, whatever goetic spirit I could think of.

I’ve only worked with angels in the past due to the presupposition that they’re on “the right side.”

But due to my anger, I said fuck it, I’m going to summon a demon.

So I called upon Astarte mentally, strictly because this is the first name that came to mind.

I called Astarteeeeee. Astarteeeeee. Astarteeeeee.(I know in the book it’s Astaroth but I only remembered Astarte at the time)

I knew nothing about any descriptions of this spirit,, it’s ability, or anyone’s past experience with it.

Suddenly in my mind’s eye, I saw a black bird, probably a crow, fly down and check me out. It looked at me, almost as if to check if I’m cool.

Then a humanoid in a red cloak appeared with flamboyant movement. It wore a featureless white mask. Then a giant three headed dragon walked up behind it like an intimidating bodyguard.

I almost laughed because I was thinking “This is so edgy. This is so cheesy.”

But I figured, ok, here’s a demon. I’m supposed to make a deal, right?

So I said if you make me strong physically, mentally, and emotionally, I will burn a candle for you every night for six weeks.

After I said that, the humanoid threw something into the distant sky and it exploded like a firework.

Then the whole vision was gone.

I’ve since been experiencing some results that I connect with this relationship, and I can expand on that later.

I just wanted to share my experience. Some traditionalists might be frustrated that I did this shit laying in my bed. I don’t mind. I’m having a good time.

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