Duke Bune Rocks!

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Duke Bune Rocks!

Post#1 » Tue Aug 13, 2019 12:48 am

This is the fulfillment of my promise to Duke Bune.

I used the book "Demons of Magick" to communicate with Bune. I asked him to find me a fulfilling and well paying job in a few weeks, and I was a little more specific about the salary range and location. I did not really have a conversation (however explained what I want in detail), but I had this thought of "it will be done". Now, this might have been my own thoughts or Bune communicating, I have no way to discern this.

Long story short, Bune delivered! I am currently working in a situation I wouldn't really expect to be. The salary is much more than I expected, in a location I asked for. He truly is great. Your mileage vary, but Bune definitely deserves his reputation.

Couple of things, I try to be very respectful. I also follow correspondences, meaning Bune is a Duke, so I do the ritual on Friday at the hour of Venus, preferably dressed green and using Sandalwood incense (which is also my next promise to Him, in addition of feeling sincere gratitude and sending that energy to Him).

Overall, Hail Bune! I sincerely thank Him for my current position. I would encourage people to work with Him.

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