Evocation of Dukes (A ritual report)

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Evocation of Dukes (A ritual report)

Post#1 » Fri Jul 12, 2019 10:56 am

In the Summer of 2018 I was going through some heavy shit. Life got really tough, I wasn't eating and found myself in the middle of a major manic breakdown. So I did what any magician would do, I reached for the wand and stepped into the circle! For those who are interested, here's how it played out;

Method - RO's Modern Goetic Grimoire with the addition of appropriate psalms and my own prayers.

Tools - TOP, Koetting style Goetic circle (Don't laugh, it worked.), Wand, Crystal Ball, Sandlewood Incense, candles.

Timing - Day and hour of Venus on a waxing moon.

The deterioration of my mental health meant that I wasn't eating so fasting wasn't an issue. I was living in a rural isolated area. It was a clear sunny day and the spirit arrived faster and more clearly than any other I had previously conjured. It appeared as a clear white ball of energy speckled with dots and shades of sparkling white/silver. It shot through the wall from the direction of the North East and settled right in the crystal. No scrying necessary, when I looked away and back again it was still there. It wasn't until months later when I read The Magus that I discovered this was how it usually happens, the spirit will appear as a ball of light before taking another form. The colour of which apparently varies depending on the class of spirit. If you've ever seen those youtube videos of glowing orbs in the sky it was exactly like that. In any case I was a little stunned, rattled and eager to get the result I was seeking so I wasted no time in waiting on the spirit to take form. I welcomed the spirit and issued my request to the ball of light. It took off and that was that. I left an offering of fruit and wine by it's seal for three days and got what I requested as soon as that very night!

The second duke I called some days later (possibly the next friday, I can't recall exactly), by which point I had eaten more and wasn't in quite as manic a frame of mind. The Duke did not appear like the last. There were no balls of light or visible manifestation that I could perceive. However, when asked for a sign of it's presence and compliance I heard nearby dogs and birds bark and chirp loudly, as is often the case. I left the same offering and got the desired result just as quickly as the last.

Following both operations was a heavy downpour of rain. I find this usually happens after workings like this so I've learned to take it as a good sign that something worked even if no other sign of the spirit was manifest during the rite.

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