Leraje popping up and Leraje working

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Leraje popping up and Leraje working

Post#1 » Mon Aug 06, 2018 7:04 am

Marquises Marchosias and Leraje

Some three years ago I needed an ally that would both protect me in my personal life and in my astral ventures. I wound up with the companionship of Marchosias, who did a good job, and now has a permanent silver candle on my altar with her sigil. Today is Monday, and she will be offered a gift of jasmin oil as an appreciation token.

In the first part of contacting this particular spirit I had a dream after the working with a sort of movie-fragment where I saw a medium height slender woman with long black hair on horseback brandishing two swords at once in a sort of Mongolian steppe taking out opponents very swift and fast, it was like seeing a conscious switchblade moving through the enemies. At various points she also got me business.

The last 10 days I had Leraje popping up in my head , also a Marquis, and this is a spirit that I didn't intend to work with. Warrior spirit just like Marchosias, but when I read the description, it felt like not so much my cup of tea. The weird thing is, I started out sketching Marchosias a while ago, and though it's not in the usual description, I portrayed her with a bow and quiver with arrows (typical for Leraje), and the two swords I saw her with in the vision.
I jotted down the name Leraje and next to it the question: “what can you do for me” and got the answer: achieving your target. I know Leraje can wreak havoc on relationships, and I want mine to be safe at this point, so I intend to contact her to : get help in the attainment of goals at the same time, stating very clearly to lay off of my relationship which should be off limits for her, and getting more info on what she can do besides the general description.

Will keep you posted on the result of this (Evocation-wise as well as physical results).
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