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Do Wild Claims Ruin a Book For You?

Posted: Sun Dec 03, 2017 5:16 pm
by JordanaDivinorum
Do wild claims ever ruin a good book for you? For me, Summoning Spirits was the first book that got me into reading about the occult when I was young. I was a teenager so I was more gullible about the claims in the book. It wouldn't be a terrible book for beginners if it didn't make stupid claims like you'll be able to manipulate the physical form of fire or make inanimate objects come to life. The same thing bothers me about Initiation into Hermetics. I'm totally on board with his claims that you can alter your body temperature with your mind and things like that because Wim Hof and others can do it. What spoils it for me are the claims that you can break a glass jar with your thoughts or light a candle with your thoughts. It's hard for me to believe the author is a great magician if they throw in nonsense like that unless it's just to purposely mess with people or sell the book to make a quick buck. Does anything like that ever ruin a good book for you? (Sorry for the angry rant)